Holocausto “Guerra Total” Demo Coming Soon

Holocausto “Guerra Total” Demo ANTI-GOTH 423 Guerra Total by Holocausto Four new Brazilian war metal attacks recorded during a rehearsal session for the upcoming full length album on NWN. Acting ...


Ysengrin / Stargazer “D.A.V.V.N.” Split MLP Coming Soon

Ysengrin / Stargazer “D.A.V.V.N.” Split MLP ANTI-GOTH 420 The 3rd split of the alchemical concept magnum opus, this time with Citrinitas theme, thus several references to the Sun / Black ...


Cemetery Lights “Lemuralia” Demo Reissue Coming Soon

Cemetery Lights “Lemuralia” Demo ANTI-GOTH 403 Lemuralia by Cemetery Lights (Description by C. Conrad) While it is often true that distinct musical styles are unique to a given location and ...


Evil “The Gate of Hell” Demo Coming Soon

Evil (Japan) “The Gate of Hell” Demo ANTI-GOTH 424 The Gate of Hell by Evil 3 new original songs and a Sarcofago cover song recorded in the band’s rehearsal bunker. ...


Death Worship “Extermination Mass – Demo” MLP/MC Coming Soon

Death Worship “Extermination Mass – Demo” MLP/MC ANTI-GOTH 419 Extermination Mass – Demo by Death Worship (Description by J. Campbell) In 2016, Death Worship released its tremendous debut, Extermination Mass. ...


W.A.I.L. “Wisdom Through Agony into Illumination and Lunacy vol. II” Double LP In Stock

W.A.I.L. “Wisdom Through Agony into Illumination and Lunacy vol. II” Double LP Triumphant Transgressions 180 gram double LP, 5mm spine jacket, 12″ insert, 28 page booklet. Also available as A5 ...


Sextrash and Warfare Noise I Picture LPs in Stock

I managed to get some copies of the old, out of print picture disks released by Mutilation Records Brazil. Click here to order.


MZ. 412 “Ulvens Broder” 10″ In Stock Now

MZ. 412 “Ulvens Broder” 10″ CSR248EP The resurrection of the originators of Black Industrial. 2018 marks the 30th anniversary of MZ. 412. The limited edition 10″ ‘Ulvens Broder’ is taken ...


Blasphemy “Blood Upon the Altar” and “Blood Upon the Soundspace” MLP Out Now

Blasphemy “Blood Upon the Altar” LP ANTI-GOTH 398 Blood Upon the Altar by Blasphemy (Description by J. Campbell) Although Blasphemy’s recorded output was limited, its endurance over the last three ...


Death Worship “Promo Tape 1″ MC Out Now

Death Worship “Promo Tape 1″ MC ANTI-GOTH 417 This tape is free with orders over $50 without shipping. Promo tape containing two songs from the upcoming Death Worship releases on ...