Lurker of Chalice “Lurker of Chalice” Double LP Coming Soon

Lurker of Chalice by Lurker of Chalice (Description by J. Campbell) Like Leviathan, Lurker of Chalice is a project conceived of and executed by multi-instrumentalist and visual artist Jef Whitehead, ...


NWN! Radio Show at KFJC

NWN! Radio Show at KFJC 89.7 FM http://www.kfjc.org/ Listen on air or online. The NWN crew will be spinning old records and playing unreleased/rare stuff all night in celebration of ...


Lurker of Chalice Strip Patch Out Now

Roughly 6 inches wide woven patch. Click here to order.


Dreadful Relic “Combat Alchemist” 7″ Out Now

Dreadful Relic “Combat Alchemist” 7″ ANTI-GOTH 366 Combat Alchemist by Dreadful Relic (Description by C. Conrad) Through the release of its inaugural “Archaic Conjurations” demo and first EP, “Warlords of ...


Oberon “Techen Metal” LP Out Now

Oberon “Techen Metal” LP ANTI-GOTH 378 Techen Metal by Oberon (Description by C. Conrad) Continuing in the label’s tradition of reissuing obscure metal gems extracted from the Eastern European underground ...


Abhorer “Oblation II: Abyssic Demonolatries” LP Out Now

Abhorer “Oblation II: Abyssic Demonolatries” LP DSR#5 / ANTI-GOTH 371 Oblation II: Abyssic Demonolatries by Abhorer (Description by J. Campbell) Along with Impiety, Abhorer was responsible for drawing attention to ...


Baxaxaxa “Hellfire” MLP Out Now

Baxaxaxa “Hellfire” MLP ANTI-GOTH 372 Hellfire by Baxaxaxa (Description by J. Campbell) In 1992, Baxaxaxa released their only demo, called “Hellfire.” Originally released as a cassette in a very limited ...


Agathocles “If This Is Gore, What’s Meat Then?” LP Out Now

Agathocles “If This Is Gore, What’s Meat Then?” LP ANTI-GOTH 369 If This Is Gore, What Is Meat Then? by Agathocles (Description by C. Conrad) Spanning the past thirty years ...


Inquisition “Anxious Death / Forever Under” DLP/CD Out Now

Inquisition “Anxious Death / Forever Under” DLP/CD ANTI-GOTH 042 Anxious Death / Forever Under by Inquisition (Description by C. Conrad) Prior to Inquisition’s emergence as one of the most prolific ...


Bunkur / Mordor Split LP/CD Out Now

Bunkur / Mordor Split LP/CD ANTI-GOTH 308 split by Bunkur / Mordor (Description by C. Conrad) After several years in the making, it is Nuclear War Now’s honor to finally ...