Covenant Fest IV – June 21-23 2018 – Blasphemy, Witches Hammer, Antichrist, etc.

“We call upon all maniacs to take note – Our annual tradition shall reign unholy terror upon the huddled masses once again in VANCOUVER 2018: The Year of Chaos. Schedule ...


Blasphemy “Blood Upon the Soundspace” MLP/MC Coming Soon

Blasphemy “Blood Upon the Soundspace” MLP/MC ANTI-GOTH 406 Blood Upon the Soundspace by Blasphemy (Description by J. Campbell) Following the recent reissue campaign, NWN! is honored to present the first ...


NWN “Such is the Pathway to the Stars” TS Out Now

Discharge ink printing on Gildan brand TS. Available in sizes S to XXL while supply lasts. Printed by Inferno Screen Printing from NOLA. Click here to order.


Blasphamagoatachrist “Black Metal Warfare” TS Out Now

Discharge and aqueous ink on Gildan brand TS. Availalbe in sizes S to XXL while supply lasts. Printed by Inferno Screen Printing from NOLA. *Demo tape will be back in ...


Saltas “Parasites” Demo 2 Out Now

Saltas “Parasites” Demo 2 ANTI-GOTH 394 Parasites by SALTAS (Description by C. Conrad) In alliance with Nuclear War Now!, Saltas brings forth its second offering, “Parasites,” a six-song demo that ...


Moenen of Xezbeth “Ancient Spells of Darkness…” MC Out Now

Moenen of Xezbeth “Ancient Spells of Darkness…” Music Cassette ANTI-GOTH 402 Ancient Spells of Darkness… by Moenen of Xezbeth (Description by C. Conrad) Conjuring the sinister spirits of yesteryear, Moenen ...


Blasphamagoatachrist “Black Metal Warfare” Demo Out Now

Blasphamagoatachrist “Black Metal Warfare” Demo ANTI-GOTH 407 Black Metal Warfare by Blasphamagoatachrist Continuing its longstanding mission to propagate the most unrelenting manifestations of bestial black metal, Nuclear War Now! Productions ...


Blasphemy “Promo Tape 2″ MC Out Now

Blasphemy “Promo Tape 2″ MC ANTI-GOTH 405 This tape is free with orders over $50 without shipping. Promo tape containing two songs from the upcoming Blasphemy releases on NWN: “Blood ...


Blasphemy Die Cast Metal Pins Out Now

“Blasphemous Attack” Die Cast Metal Pin “Desecrator Demon” Die Cast Metal Pin Both are roughly 2.5″ wide. Click here to order.


Blasphemy Live and Rehearsal MC/CD Out Now

OUT NOW! Blasphemy “Live Ritual – Friday the 13th” CD/MC ANTI-GOTH 004 Live Ritual: Friday the 13th by Blasphemy (Description by C. Conrad) Throughout the label’s existence, Blasphemy has stood ...