Forbidden Temple / Ultima Thule Split LP and CD In Stock

Released by New Era Productions and distributed by NWN! A fierce alliance has been forged in the darkness… True Black Metal from Flemish and Dutch soil! Exclusive new material by ...


Siege Column “Inferno Deathpassion” LP Out Now

Siege Column “Inferno Deathpassion” LP ANTI-GOTH 384 Inferno Deathpassion by Siege Column (Description by C. Conrad) From the wastelands of New Jersey, Siege Column rears its ugly head to unleash ...


Faustcoven “In the Shadow of Doom” LP Out Now

Faustcoven “In the Shadow of Doom” LP/LP+7″ ANTI-GOTH 396 In the Shadow of Doom by Faustcoven T Shirt is available for pre-order. Ships next Tuesday. (Description by C. Conrad) Following ...


Cemetery Lights “The Church on the Island” Demo Out Now

Cemetery Lights “The Church on the Island” Demo ANTI-GOTH 412 The Church on the Island by Cemetery Lights After only three short months since the very limited self-release of its ...


Blasphemy “Gods of War” MC Out Now

Blasphemy “Gods of War” MC ANTI-GOTH 399 Gods of War by Blasphemy (Description by J. Campbell) Sometimes overshadowed by the masterful Fallen Angel of Doom LP, Blasphemy’s second and final ...


Grave Upheaval “Cavernous” TS Out Now

Aqueous ink printing on Gildan brand TS. Available in sizes S to XXL. Printed by Inferno Screen Printing from NOLA. Click here to order.


Sissy Spacek “Ways of Confusion” LP and TS Out Now

Sissy Spacek “Ways of Confusion” LP ANTI-GOTH 392 Ways of Confusion by Sissy Spacek T Shirts are printed on Gildan brand shirts with discharge and aqueous ink. Available in sizes ...


Ares Kingdom “By the Light of Their Destruction” Coming Soon

Ares Kingdom Announces New Album, “By the Light of Their Destruction” July 30, 2018 Kansas City, Missouri Kansas City’s death metal veterans Ares Kingdom have returned to their own Very ...


Distro update

Lots of good stuff added to the store recently and more are coming! Click here to order.


Xandril (Germany) Demos DLP and 7″s In Stock Now

Released by HMH Records Germany and distributed by NWN! Xandril “The Vision of Rotting Darkness: The Demos 1985-1988″ DLP Xandril “Demo I ’83″ 7″ Xandril “Demo II ’83″ 7″ Best ...