New/Old Tank Tops and Shorts In Stock Now

Gyms are starting to reopen! Be ready to fight gravity with NWN’s line of gym wear. Click here to order.


Amebix, Bolt Thrower, Dissection, etc. LPs in Stock

Some reissued classics added to the shop recently: Click here to order.


Pneuma Hagion “Voidgazer” LP Coming Soon

Pneuma Hagion “Voidgazer” LP ANTI-GOTH 520 Voidgazer by Pneuma Hagion Pneuma Hagion once again joins forces with Nuclear War Now! Productions to release its debut full-length, “Voidgazer.” The band and ...


Sakevi Yokoyama (G.I.S.M.) “Oppressive Liberation Spirit Volume 1″ Art Book (TEMP SOLD OUT)

Sakevi Yokoyama (G.I.S.M.) “Oppressive Liberation Spirit Volume 1″ Art Book Beast Arts Full color book of Sakevi Yokoyama art. Notorious singer and visionary of G.I.S.M. band. The book includes all ...


Sabbat “The Dwelling” Double LP/CD/MC Coming Soon

Sabbat “The Dwelling” Double LP/CD/MC ANTI-GOTH 514 Sabbat’s single track epic concept album from 1996 is finally getting the NWN treatment, complete with the original cover art by Juha Vuorma ...


Abigail Reissue LPs Coming Soon

Coming this winter: Abigail “Intercourse and Lust” LP ANTI-GOTH 010 Intercourse and Lust by Abigail Abigail “Ultimate Unholy Death” LP ANTI-GOTH 033 Ultimate Unholy Death by Abigail Abigail “Sweet Baby ...

Antediluvian-TDP NWN Flyer(CARD) square

Antediluvian “The Divine Punishment” LP/CD/Tape/Digital Coming Soon

Antediluvian “The Divine Punishment” LP/CD/Tape/Digital ANTI-GOTH 529 ANTEDILUVIAN’s The Divine Punishment is set to unleash in spring 2021 on Nuclear War Now! Productions, their first studio album recorded since 2012. ...

OhuraMazdo_web 500

Ohura-Mazdo “The Incarnation of Sathanas” MLP Coming Soon

Ohura-Mazdo “The Incarnation of Sathanas” MLP ANTI-GOTH 527 Cult Japanese black doom metal demo from 1992 reissued for the first time on vinyl. Limited pressing of 300 copies all on ...


Goatpenis “Decapitation Philosophy” LP/CD/MC Coming Soon

Goatpenis “Decapitation Philosophy” LP/CD/MC/Digital ANTI-GOTH 521 Decapitation Philosophy by Goatpenis A new studio album of Brazilian war metal. ETA: Winter 2020

SatanicEvil_web 500

Satanic Evil “Curse of Pentagram” MLP Coming Soon

Satanic Evil “Curse of Pentagram” MLP ANTI-GOTH 032 Satanic Evil is the definition of obscure cult Finnish black metal! Having only released one raw demo in 1990, they quickly vanished ...