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Evil “Possessed by Evil” LP/CD/MC Coming Soon

Evil “Possessed by Evil” LP/CD/MC ANTI-GOTH 540 Possessed by Evil by Evil (Description by C. Conrad) Nuclear War Now! is proud to announce its continued allegiance with Evil (Jpn) in ...


Mystifier “Wicca” LP/CD/MC/Digital Coming Soon

Mystifier “Wicca” LP/CD/MC/Digital ANTI-GOTH 543 Wicca by Mystifier The legendary debut album from 1991 is finally getting the NWN treatment it deserves, complete with the original cover painting (not the ...


Beherit HSW Coming Soon

Beherit “The Oath of Black Blood” HSW Beherit “Dawn of Satan’s Millennium” Zipper HSW Printed on 80/20 blend HSW with discharge and plastisol ink. Available in sizes S to XXL. ...


Funeral Winds LPs Coming Soon

Funeral Winds “Screaming for Resurrection” Double LP/MC ANTI-GOTH 541 This Double LP collects their third demo, debut 7″, and split LP with Abigail. Funeral Winds “The Unholy Saviour” LP/MC ANTI-GOTH ...


Black Cilice “Curses and Oaths” 3 x LP Wooden Boxset In Stock Now

Released by Altare Productions and distributed in the USA by NWN: – Black woodbox 32 cm x 32 cm with engraved band logo and release name. – 3x 12″ LP ...


Masacre “Ola de violencia/Barbarie y sangre en memoria de Cristo” LP Coming Soon

Masacre “Ola de violencia/Barbarie y sangre en memoria de Cristo” LP ANTI-GOTH 203 Metal Medallo Attack by Masacre (Description by C. Conrad) For the past 25 years, Masacre have been ...


Sabbat “The Dwelling” CD Out Now

Sabbat “The Dwelling” CD ANTI-GOTH 514 The 5th Sabbatical album and the final album released by Gezol’s Evil Records in 1996. The Dwelling is a massive 60 minute one track ...


StarGazer “Psychic Secretions” LP/CD/MC/Digital Coming Soon

StarGazer “Psychic Secretions” LP/CD/MC/Digital ANTI-GOTH 539 Psychic Secretions by StarGazer (Description by J. Campbell) After 25 years of activity, StarGazer has firmly established itself as one of the most enduring ...


Vulpecula “Fons Immortalis” LP Coming Soon

Vulpecula “Fons Immortalis” LP ANTI-GOTH 510 Fons Immortalis by Vulpecula (Description by J. Campbell) Chuck Keller’s name should be familiar to anyone involved in extreme metal. A true veteran, for ...


Blasphemy and Mystifier Flag Posters Out Now

Blasphemy “Fallen Angel of Doom….” 56″ Flag Poster Blasphemy “God of War” 36″ Flag Poster Mystifier “Goetia” Flag Poster Click here to order.