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Howls of Ebb “Cursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Vows” LP Coming Soon

Coming soon on NWN! Howls of Ebb “Cursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Vows” LP ANTI-GOTH 316 (Description by J. Campbell) Led by Zee-Luuuvft-Huund, the alter ego of Patrick Brown, former guitarist ...


NWN Warehouse Update

To NWN customers and supporters: When NWN first announced its ONWARD // ASCENDANT fundraiser campaign over a year ago, we envisioned purchasing a warehouse in the Oakland area with two ...


Irkallian Oracle “Apollyon” CD Out Now

Irkallian Oracle “Apollyon” CD ANTI-GOTH 313 (Description by C. Conrad) Upon offering its initial prophecy, “Grave Ekstasis,” in March 2013, Irkallian Oracle immediately left an indelible impression on its audience ...

Possessed boxet front

Possessed “Demo-nic” 3 x LP + 3 x MC Boxset In Stock

3xLP + 3xTAPES + 44 pages A5 sized fanzine! 1. DEATH METAL DEMO 1984 LP/TAPE 2. REHEARSAL 1984 LP/TAPE 3. LIVE 1987 (FENDERS BALROOM – LONG BEACH) LP/TAPE Click here ...


Sadistik Exekution “1986″ T Shirt Out Now

Sadistik Exekution “1986″ T Shirt A reprint of the very first TS design from 1986 with a more primitive version of the Magus artwork by Rok. Front only discharge white ...


Necromancy “Ancient Wrath” 12” EP / MCD Out Now

Now available on both CD and vinyl: Necromancy “Ancient Wrath” 12” EP/MCD ANTI-GOTH 295 CD: Vinyl: Insert with biography: Die Hard version: (Description by J. Campbell) Greek soil was among ...


RIP Tregenda of Black Witchery (1966-2016)

Steve Childers AKA Tregenda of Black Witchery was killed in a car accident on Feb. 2nd 2016. I’ve known Steve ever since we met at a Black Witchery gig in ...

TAL Ravencult split EP

Thou Art Lord / Ravencult Split 7″ In Stock Now

Thou Art Lord / Ravencult Split 7″ HFR010 / KYS029 Released by Hell’s Fire Records and Kill Yourself Productions Greece and limited to 666 copies. Thou Art Lord’s side was ...


Bestial Warlust LPs in Stock Now

Released by Iron Bonehead and distributed by NWN! Bestial Warlust “Vengeance War ‘Till Death” Red Splatter LP Bestial Warlust “Vengeance War ‘Till Death” Black Vinyl LP Bestial Warlust “Blood & ...


Reencarnacion “888 Metal” CD/DLP/TS Out Now

Reencarnacion “888 Metal” CD and Double LP ANTI-GOTH 044 Regular black DLP: Black vinyl DLP, PMS silver gatefold jacket, Booklet, A2 poster. Wholesale clear DLP: Sold in increments of 5 ...