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Sadistik Exekution 3 New TS and LS Out Now

Still Available Officially licensed merchandise from the Australian masters of madness featuring original Rok artwork from the early years. Some of these designs have never been printed previously! All are ...


Death Worship “Extermination Mass” TS, LS, Zip HSW Out Now

Still Available Discharge aqueous ink printing on Gildan TS/LS and Hanes zip up hooded sweatshirts. Officially distributed in Europe by Iron Bonehead and in Japan by Record Boy. Both distributors ...


Howls of Ebb “Vigils of the 3rd Eye” Double LP Out Now

Howls of Ebb “Vigils of the 3rd Eye” Double LP ANTI-GOTH 337 Regular version black vinyl DLP: Wholesale version clear vinyl DLP: Die Hard version wine red vinyl DLP + ...


Bestial Raids “Master Satan’s Witchery” LP/CD Out Now

Bestial Raids “Master Satan’s Witchery” LP/CD ANTI-GOTH 332 Regular black vinyl LP: Wholesale clear vinyl LP: Die Hard silver vinyl LP+TS: CD: (Description by C. Conrad) It has been over ...


High Roller Records LPs in Stock Now

High quality vinyl edition by High Roller Records Germany in stock now. Infernal Majesty “Nigrescent Years of Chaos” LP Infernal Majesty “None Shall Defy” LP Metalucifer “Heavy Metal Hunter” LP ...


Death Courier LPs Out Now

Death Courier “Demise” LP ANTI-GOTH 267 | WF015 Side A Demise Swamplife Copkiller Interior Crushfield Assaulted Side B Mindwarp The Haunter Of The Dark Bioartificial Lusts Infected Lunatic Messiah -LISTEN- ...


Sacrificio “Guerra Eterna” LP/CD Out Now

Sacrificio “Guerra Eterna” LP / CD ANTI-GOTH 336 / IBP 306 Regular black vinyl LP: Die Hard red vinyl LP with pin and sticker: CD: (Description by C. Conrad) Before ...


Rites of thy Degringolade “Arch Spatial” LP Out Now

Rites of thy Degringolade “Arch Spatial” LP ANTI-GOTH 307 (Description by C. Conrad) On the eve of the release of Rites of thy Degringolade’s fourth album and its first since ...


Virus (Norway) LP Reissues Out Now

Out now on NWN! and Duplicate Records! In conspiracy with Duplicate Records, Nuclear War Now! is honored to announce the reissuing of the first three Virus (Norway) albums, “Carheart,” “The ...


Vomitor “Roar of War” LP+7″ In Stock Now

Released by Iron Bonehead Productions and distributed by NWN! Vomitor “Roar of War” LP + 7″ IPB309 Limited to 400 copies on black vinyl and 100 on red vinyl. This ...