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Bunkur / Mordor Split LP/CD Coming Soon

Jan 2018


Bestial Raids “Reversed Black Trinity” LP

Bestial Raids “Reversed Black Trinity” LP MMR 013 LP I managed to get some copies of the 2007 debut album on Morbid Moon Records. I had no idea that these ...


SSD “Break It Up” LP In Stock Now

SSD “Break It Up” LP HMS027 1985 The original 1985 pressing on Homestead Records is in stock now. Click here to order.


Sabbat / Paganfire Split LP and Sabbat Test Press LP In Stock Now

Sabbat / Paganfire “Sabbatical Vermin Born / The Witchhammer of the Power Elitist” Split LP Sabbat: Recorded live at True Thrash Festival, Esaka Muse, Osaka, Japan, 10th February 2013. Paganfire: ...


Revenge “Goat Phoenix” Camouflage HSW Out Now

Some people cancelled their order so I ended up with some extras. I only have one or two of each size so act quick. All pre-orders will be going out ...

Blood die hard set

Blood 1987-1988 Demo LPs Out Now

Blood “Heinous Noise” LP ANTI-GOTH 359 -LISTEN- Blood “Spasmo Paralytic Dreams” LP ANTI-GOTH 360 -LISTEN- Blood “No Regret” LP ANTI-GOTH 361 -LISTEN- Die Hard 3 x LP set: (Description by ...


Bombarder “Speed Kill” and “Bez Milosti” LPs Out Now

Bombarder “Speed Kill” LP ANTI-GOTH 357 -LISTEN- Bombarder “Bez Milosti” LP ANTI-GOTH 358 -LISTEN- Die Hard 2LP Set: (Description by C. Conrad) Born under the political strife that led to ...


Sabbat “Sabbatical Possessitic Hammer” LP Out Now

Sabbat “Sabbatical Possessitic Hammer” LP ANTI-GOTH 222 (Description by C. Conrad) In May of 1989, Sabbat returned to the stage after a live-performance hiatus of approximately twenty months, but it ...


Pagan Altar CD and Communion MLP In Stock Now

Released by Temple of Mystery (Annick from Cauchemar’s label). Communion “Communion” MLP Originally released in 2010 on CD by Proselytism records and released for the first time on vinyl and ...


Perverted Ceremony “Graveyard Sacred Worship” Long Sleeves and Tank Top Out Now

Discharge and aqueous ink printing on Gildan brand Long Sleeve shirt. Available in sizes S to XXL. Perverted Ceremony “Graveyard Sacred Worship” Tank Top Perverted Ceremony “Graveyard Sacred Worship” White ...