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Acid LP

Acid “Hooked on Metal” 2nd Press LP and Pic LP In Stock Now

Released by Buried By Time and Dust and Distributed by NWN! Acid “Hooked on Metal” Yellow Vinyl LP and Picture LP BBTAD 044 An lp’s worth of the harder to ...


By Force Propaganda – New Designs In Stock

Cult designs from By Force Propaganda… Revenge “ABR Goat Phoenix” Dark Green TS Conqueror “Death’s Head” Red TS Diocletian “Shield” TS Diocletian “Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes” TS Conqueror “Ross Bay ...


V/A Ancient Meat Revived – A Tribute To Cold Meat Industry LP Out Now

V/A Ancient Meat Revived – A Tribute To Cold Meat Industry LP ANTI-GOTH 322 (Description by C. Conrad) Established in Sweden in 1987 and active until 2013, the revolutionary, independent ...

Demono Witchcraft split

Demonomancy / Witchcraft Split CD Out Now

Demonomancy / Witchcraft Split CD ANTI-GOTH 325 DEMONOMANCY Archaic Remnants of the Numinous 8:40 Underground Church 4:51 WITCHCRAFT At the Diabolus Hour 4:36 Grave Immolation 3:22 Perverted Temple of Goatsodomy ...


Conqueror “War.Cult.Supremacy” Double CD + DVD Out Now

Conqueror “War.Cult.Supremacy” Double CD + DVD ANTI-GOTH 178 (Description by J. Campbell and C. Conrad) Conqueror began its campaign of devastation in 1992 with the union of the uncontrollable and ...


Abigail “The Final Damnation” CD Out Now

Abigail “The Final Damnation” CD ANTI-GOTH 326 (Description by C. Conrad) Abigail and Nuclear War Now! have been the closest of allies since they first agreed to release the band’s ...

Demoncy faustian dawn LP cover

Demoncy “Faustian Dawn” CD Out Now

Demoncy “Faustian Dawn” CD ANTI-GOTH 327 (Description by C. Conrad) With its four demos in the early-to-mid-nineties, six full-length albums since and another on the near horizon, Demoncy is one ...


Sherwood “Riding The Rainbow” LP In Stock Now (NWOBHM)

Released by Buried by Time and Dust and distributed by NWN! Sherwood “Riding The Rainbow” LP BBTAD045 Sherwood originally formed in the hills of Yorkshire near the latter end of ...

Black Witchery evil shall LP cover

Black Witchery “Evil Shall Prevail” DLP/CD Coming Soon

Black Witchery “Evil Shall Prevail” Double LP/CD Coming Soon on NWN! ANTI-GOTH 323 A complete collection of ancient black metal atrocities against humanity unearthed from the grave. Dark, evil and ...

Vice article

Interview I Did

I did this interview with my friend Yoshi for Vice Japan while I was there last winter. It’s in Japanese but you can use Google translate to get the gist ...