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Revenge “Behold.Total.Rejection” LP NWN Edition Coming Soon

Licensed from Season of Mist


Nocturnus – 2 New T-Shirts Out Now

Nocturnus “Coven of Evil” TS Alternate logo on the front and chalice artwork by Allen on the back. Both sides are printed with aqueous sage green ink on black Gildan ...


InCoffin to Distribute NWN Titles in Thailand

InCoffin Productions from Thailand is now the official distributor of NWN titles in Siam. Anyone interested in NWN titles or anything that NWN carries in the distro can contact Whathayakorn ...

Goatpenis 2

Goatpenis In Conspiracy With NWN!

Nuclear War Now! is proud to announce its signing of Goatpenis, the Brazilian harbingers of humanity’s self-imposed annihilation. While the term “war metal” is most often used as a misnomer ...


Xibalba “Ah Tza” 7″ Out Now

Xibalba “Ah Tza” 7″ ANTI-GOTH 304 Regular version 7″: Die Hard version 7″: (Description by C. Conrad) In the modern world of black metal, where countless bands seem to arise ...

Ulver Bergtatt LP

Ulver – First 3 LPs In Stock Now

In Stock Now! Ulver “Bergtatt – Et Eeventyr I 5 Capitler” Black Vinyl LP Ulver “Bergtatt – Et Eeventyr I 5 Capitler” Lilac Vinyl LP Ulver “Kveldssanger” Black Vinyl LP ...

Acid LP

Acid “Hooked on Metal” LP In Stock Now

Released by Buried By Time and Dust and Distributed by NWN! Acid “Hooked on Metal” LP BBTAD 044 An lp’s worth of the harder to find/demo/unreleased stuff from the Belgian ...


Necrosic “Putrid Decimation” MLP Out Now

Necrosic “Putrid Decimation” MLP ANTI-GOTH 314 Regular version: Wholesale version: Die Hard version: (Description by C. Conrad) Eric Cutler, having long served in his role as a founding and current ...

Ancient Records

Ancient Records Titles in Stock Now

Released by Ancient Records and distributed by NWN! Odal ­ “On Old Paths” LP Urkaos “Rehearsal XI” LP Helvetespine “Frykten og Mennesket” LP Still in stock: Summum “Benedictus Qui Venit…” ...


Ill Omen “Æ​.​Thy​.​Rift” LP / CD Out Now

Ill Omen “Æ​.​Thy​.​Rift” LP / CD ANTI-GOTH 306 Regular version: Wholesale version: Die Hard version: CD: (Description by C. Conrad) Black metal has long been a vehicle of choice for ...