Blasphamagoatachrist “Black Metal Warfare” Demo Out Now

Blasphamagoatachrist “Black Metal Warfare” Demo ANTI-GOTH 407 Black Metal Warfare by Blasphamagoatachrist Continuing its longstanding mission to propagate the most unrelenting manifestations of bestial black metal, Nuclear War Now! Productions ...


Blasphemy “Promo Tape 2″ MC Out Now

Blasphemy “Promo Tape 2″ MC ANTI-GOTH 405 This tape is free with orders over $50 without shipping. Promo tape containing two songs from the upcoming Blasphemy releases on NWN: “Blood ...


Blasphemy Die Cast Metal Pins Out Now

“Blasphemous Attack” Die Cast Metal Pin “Desecrator Demon” Die Cast Metal Pin Both are roughly 2.5″ wide. Click here to order.


Blasphemy Live and Rehearsal MC/CD Out Now

OUT NOW! Blasphemy “Live Ritual – Friday the 13th” CD/MC ANTI-GOTH 004 Live Ritual: Friday the 13th by Blasphemy (Description by C. Conrad) Throughout the label’s existence, Blasphemy has stood ...


Knelt Rote “Alterity” LP/CD Out Now

Knelt Rote “Alterity” CD ANTI-GOTH 364 Alterity by Knelt Rote (Description C. Conrad) Over the course of its first three albums, Knelt Rote morphed from a band whose sound was ...


Blasphemy “Fallen Angel of Doom” Zip HSW and “Gods of War” HSW Out Now

Still available: Discharge ink on Hanes brand 90% cotton hooded sweatshirt. Available in sizes S to XXL while supply lasts. Printed by Inferno Screen Printing of NOLA. Click here to ...

Sex Messiah band camp file

Sex Messiah “Eastern Cult of Sodomy” LP/CD/Digital Coming Soon

Sex Messiah “Eastern Cult of Sodomy” LP/CD/Digital ANTI-GOTH 408 Japanese black metal perversors’ debut album after numerous eps and splits. Audio sample coming soon on bandcamp. Side A: 1. Drawing ...

Dtf14 square

Destroying Texas Fest #14

Last Nightmare Proudly Presents, the 14th edition of the yearly event Destroying Texas Fest, hosted in Houston Texas at the BFE Club (11528 Jones Road Houston Texas 77070), this year ...


Ares Kingdom Canadian Mini Tour June 2018

June 15th, Toronto @ Coalition June 16th, Montreal @ Katacombes* June 17th, Quebec City @ La Source Support from Riotor (QC) and Pathetic (AB) * – with Voor Ares Kingdom ...


Sect Pig “Poisoned Veins” TS Out Now

5 color discharge and aqueous link on Gildan brand TS. As with all Sect Pig merch, this is a one time printing. Available in sizes S to XXL while supply ...