Death Worship cover

Death Worship “Extermination Mass” MLP/MC/CD/Digital Out Now

**First pressing of the LPs are nearly gone. A second pressing is already in motion and a few copies of the die hard will be repressed for those who missed ...


Perverted Ceremony “Sabbat of Behezaël” MC and TS Out Now

Perverted Ceremony “Sabbat of Behezaël” MC ANTI-GOTH 344 (Description by C. Conrad) A mere matter of months since it released its first official recording, “Demo I,” Perverted Ceremony returns with ...


Rites of Thy Degringolade “The Universe in Three Parts” Demo Out Now

Rites of Thy Degringolade “The Universe in Three Parts” Demo ANTI-GOTH 342 The first incarnation of Rites of Thy Degringolade, which spanned six years between the releases of its self-titled ...


Sangue “Sangue” MC Out Now

Sangue “Sangue” MC ANTI-GOTH 338 (Description by J. Campbell) Charged with the restless emanations of the ancients, the first offering from Rome’s Sangue is pure Etruscan Death covered in the ...

Stargazer COVER

StarGazer “A Merging To The Boundless : Void Of Voyce” LP Coming Soon

Coming Soon on NWN! StarGazer “A Merging To The Boundless : Void Of Voyce” LP ANTI-GOTH 350 The LP in silk screened poly sleeve. Artwork by Stefan Thanneur of Chaos ...

Japan planes

NWN Onslaughts Q1FY17

The following releases are in production now. Sacrificio “Guerra Eterna” LP (Split with Iron Bonehead Productions) Death Worship “Extermination Mass” MLP/MCD/MC Death Courier “Demise” LP Death Courier “Demo + EP” ...


Revenge “Behold.Total.Rejection” NWN Edition DLP Out Now

Revenge – “Behold.Total.Rejection” DLP (Double single sided LP with etching) ANTI-GOTH 400 Officially licensed from Seasons of Mist (Description by J. Campbell) Begun by J. Read 15 years ago as ...


Pandemonium “Devilri” LP Coming Soon on NWN!

Coming Soon on NWN! Pandemonium “Devilri” LP ANTI-GOTH 345 (Band Bio Written by Peter) The group was originally formed during the autumn of 1989 under the name PANDEMONIUM. The founders ...


R. Forster Interview at Bardo Methodology

An in-depth interview with R. Forster of Death Worship, Conqueror, Blasphemy, Domini Inferi.


Dreadful Relic in Conspiracy with NWN!

“With a sun and a moon below. Black Sun. Black Moon.” Thus we conspire to bring forth… NWN! PRODUCTIONS sealed a pact with DREADFUL RELIC to release thy LP version ...