Morbid Saint “Destruction System” LP Official US Distribution

NWN will be the exclusive distributor of the upcoming official release of Morbid Saint’s unreleased second album from 1992. This is the first time that this album has been released ...


Xibalba Upcoming Gigs

There is only one true Xibalba. Death to the false. New 7″ coming soon on NWN!.

CE Roadburn announcement

Chaos Echoes to Completely Deconstruct Metal at Roadburn 2016

Quoting jazz-giant Wayne Shorter on their Bandcamp page, France’s own Chaos Echoes summarize his adagium: “To hell with the rules, I am going for the unknown.” The band’s latest album, ...

Snakepit 22

Now Accepting Snakepit Magazine #22 Ads

Snakepit Magazine #22 (with MALEDICTION 7″) will be going to press in the next few weeks and should be out between November-December timeframe. This time everything will be printed and ...


Pneuma Hagion “Trinity I” Demo Out Now

Pneuma Hagion “Trinity I” Demo ANTI-GOTH 298 (Description by C. Conrad) “Holy Spirit,” as it is defined in the Christian New Testament and thus more commonly understood in contemporary society, ...


Insulter “Blood Spits, Violences and Insults” LP Out Now

Insulter “Blood Spits, Violences and Insults” LP ANTI-GOTH 289 A2 poster: 8.5″x11″ 28 page booklet: Regular black vinyl LP: \ Wholesale white vinyl LP: Die Hard red vinyl LP: Die ...


Ysengrin “Liber Hermetis” Double LP Out Now

Ysengrin “Liber Hermetis” Double LP ANTI-GOTH 281 Booklet: Regular black vinyl DLP: Wholesale blue vinyl DLP: Die Hard gold vinyl DLP: Die Hard patch and sticker: (Description by C. Conrad) ...

Gasmask kids

NWN Upcoming Onslaughts

Currently at press: Blasphemy “Fallen Angel of Doom….” LP/Pic LP Repress Mastiphal “For a Glory of All Evil Spirits, Rise for Victory” LP Elysian Fields “Adelain” DLP/CD Abominator “Barbarian War ...

SAd EX CD front

Sadistik Exekution “30 Years of Agonizing the Dead” CD Out Now

Sadistik Exekution “30 Years of Agonizing the Dead” CD ANTI-GOTH 293 One of the most vile and tormented sounds to ever exist is the “Mental Metal Musik” belonging to none ...

BlackFeadst Kombi

Black Feast “Larenuf Jubileum” LP Out Now

Black Feast “Larenuf Jubileum” LP ANTI-GOTH 290 The Finnish trio of bestial black metal now known as Witchcraft had undergone at least two previous changes in moniker before settling on ...