VON “Satanic Blood Ritual” DVD Out Now

VON “Satanic Blood Ritual” DVD

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There is virtually nothing that needs to be said regarding the tremendous importance of the video footage collected on this DVD. For the first time, fans of VON can see the imposing power of their performance. Very few VON fans ever had the opportunity to see this band in a live setting. Their live performance, however, is an integral part of the essence of VON. In the same way that VON’s music was simple but effective, the band’s live image was similarly minimal but calculated. Unlike many of their contemporaries, VON’s imagery was not marred by being trapped in a particular time and place. The aesthetic of VON is timeless and is as powerful now as it was then. This DVD collects the only video footage of VON known to exist. The two shows presented here both took place in the Bay Area. The second of these two shows contains a song entitled “Jesus Stain” that has never before been released. In addition to the video footage, the DVD comes with an 8 page booklet and a DVD slideshow containing previously unreleased band photos. This DVD is essential for understanding VON. VON was more than just a band that released a few demos. During their short existence VON created an entire aesthetic universe. Each element, the music, the lyrics, the artwork, and the live performance coalesced into the composite whole of VON.

Produced by NWN Productions 2010
Licensed from Shawn “Goat” Calizo
All music and visuals by Goat
Special thanks to Kill for preserving the videos for all these years.

VON 1991:
Goat: Vocals and Guitar
Kill: Bass
Snake: Drums

THE STONE | San Francisco CA | 1991

1. Veinen
2. Watain
3. Lamb
4. Evisc
5. Release
6. Satanic Blood
7. Veadtuck
8. Chalice Of Blood
9. Goat Christ
10. Vennt
11. Dissection Inhuman
12. VON

THE OMNI | Oakland CA | 1991

1. Devil Pig
2. Veinen
3. Watain
4. Lamb
5. Evisc
6. Release
7. Satanic Blood
8. Veadtuck
9. Chalice Of Blood
10. Dissection Inhuman
11. Jesus Stain (Unreleased song)
12. Christ Fire
13. Goat Christ

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