Destroying Texas Fest #14

Last Nightmare Proudly Presents, the 14th edition of the yearly event Destroying Texas Fest, hosted in Houston Texas at the BFE Club (11528 Jones Road Houston Texas 77070), this year the gathering will include acts such as:

Sabbat (Japan)
Mortuary Drape (Italy)
Sadomator (Denmark)
Hellwitch (Florida)
Force Of Darkness (Chile)
Baxaxaxa (Germany)
Mortuary (Mexico)
Antichrist (Canada)
Morbosidad (Texas)
Ungod (Germany)
Hellfire Deathcult (Chicago)
Caveman Cult (Florida)
Hod (San Antonio)
Volahn (California)
Satanik Goat Ritual (Hell Paso)
Abysmal Lord (New Orleans)
Expander (Austin)
Judas Goat (Dallas)

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