Review of Dead Congregation gig with Corpus Mortale

Roughly translated from (Written by Manolis Pappas)

“…after a while we watched Dead Congregation setting up their gear, getting ready to give sound to the massacre they had prepared. As soon as we heard the long Intro they played there was an explanation for everything: For why they are the best Death Metal band in Greece, for why they are one of the world’s Elite Death Metal bands, for why they destroy the Universe as much as they do. And we are still at the Intro. You don’t hear such Funeral, Ritualistic, pitch-black Music everyday. Music that not only places Dead Congregation in the Death Metal genre, but to the Dark Side in general. Inferno. And we are still at the Intro. As soon as it ended, the sludgy growling (accompanied by supersonic playing and abysmal sound) set the fuse for the alternations to come. From slow to fast, from clean to filthy, from black to even blacker, from vigorous to poisonous. From old songs to new songs as well. The sound coming out of the speakers, combined with the band’s renowned static performance (surely a part of their concept) lead you to absolute submission. Isn’t this psychedelic as well? Further news are the following two: The band will be dormant for a while after these two gigs and their new offering will be released by Nuclear War Now! (a label that couldn’t but fathom Dead Congregation’s ability to spread havoc) in a while. What more could we ask for? European tours and acknowledgment of the band further from the borders of a country that rewards them with an audience of 40 persons. This is what we want and so it shall be done.”