NWN “Fest Volume I” DVD Out Now

NWN “Fest Volume I” DVD

fest dvd

Even as the armaments are being set in place for NWN’s second assault on Berlin, the radioactive haze from the first fest still lingers. Edited and compiled by Alan Dubin, this DVD collects the best tracks from every band that performed at NWN! Fest I. For those who witnessed the warfare noise of the first fest, this footage will allow you to relive the horror once more. For those who were not there, this footage will be a bitter reminder of what you missed and may serve to motivate you to attend the impending second onslaught in November. First 200 copies with patch. Complete list of bands:

Black Witchery (USA)
Ares Kingdom (USA)
Bone Awl (USA)
Midnight (USA)
Revenge (Canada)
Villains (USA)
Morbosidad (USA/Mexico)
Proclamation (Spain)
Blasphemophagher (Italy)
Terrorama (Sweden)
Embrace of Thorns (Greece)
Hellias (Poland)
Dead Congregation (Greece)
Nocturnal Graves (Australia)
Ignivomous (Australia)
Abigail (Japan)
Pest (Germany)

Note: Unfortunately there is a typo on the front of the cover. The correct dates should be Nov. 13th and 14th, 2009.

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