Never Surrender Fest Vol. II – 3 More Bands Announced

October 19-20, 2019
Oakland Metro Operahouse
Oakland CA, USA
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In 2009, Iron Bonehead and Nuclear War Now! worked together to present the first NWN! Fest. The collaboration proved fruitful and the event was a success, so we continued the partnership, presenting four additional installments over the years. As Iron Bonehead ascended to become one of the preeminent underground labels, it began to make more sense to present bands from both NWN! and IBP, resulting in the Never Surrender Fest, the first edition of which took place this past November. We held all of the previous fests in Berlin because it was a centralized location, allowing us to bring more bands from Australia and Asia, while also presenting many North and South American bands to a European audience for the first time. Ten years later, it seems like the right moment to put together a fest in the United States, particularly, Oakland, CA—the home of NWN! To that end, Iron Bonehead and NWN! are presenting the first ever U.S. edition of the Never Surrender Fest, scheduled to take place on October 19th and 20th, 2019, in Oakland, CA, with a pre-show scheduled for October 18th, 2019. There will be 16 bands performing, with 8 bands chosen from each label. More details will be forthcoming over the next several weeks.

The following bands are now confirmed for Never Surrender Fest Vol. II in Oakland. More bands will be announced in the coming weeks.

The Portuguese raw black metal icon has only recently stepped from the veil of shadows to give exclusive live performances. This one will be BLACK CILICE’s first and only US performance – undoubtedly, DO NOT MISS.

The Canadian black death returns to Oakland after many years. Expect only claustrophobic meditation on destruction and total death.

The Mexica war tribe strikes Never Surrender Fest Vol. II for a live assault of pagan black metal! Worship Black Twilight!

Already confirmed bands:

Grave Upheaval (Australia)
Unaussprechlichen Kulten (Chile)
Bone Awl (USA)
Byyrth (USA)
Vassafor (New Zealand)
House Of Atreus (USA)
Siege Column (USA)
Cemetery Lights (USA)