Voor LP, Root DLP, Blasphemophagher LP, Vanhelgd 12″, Dead Congregation LP, EoT CD Repress Out Now!

Voor “Evil Metal” LP and Die Hard DLP

voor LP cover
Voor dh LP

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Voor is among the many bands that emerged in the 1980’s, released a handful of tracks, and disappeared leaving behind them just two demos which, although nearly perfect, have been relegated to obscurity for the past 25 years. Many of these classic “demo-only” bands have been discovered and reissued long before now, but Voor has remained hidden despite the cult status that their work has attained. After several years of searching for the band members in order to gain permission to disinter the remains of these mysterious recordings, NWN! has at last unearthed the wretched carcass of Voor. Despite their limited output and the untimely demise of the band, Voor have been worshipped and revered by fans of evil Death/Speed Metal ever since the tape trading days. While Voor began in roughly the same time and place (early 1980’s, Quebec), they never achieved the notoriety of their comrades in Voivod (see Away’s liner notes in this release). Instead, although a European tour was in the works and numerous labels were approaching the band based on the rabid interest generated by their demos, their drummer quit unexpectedly and the band quickly dissolved. A quarter century later, however, the remnants of this savage militia’s violent rampage still evoke the most unholy bloodlust. The first demo, released in 1985, was a live rehearsal recording with no overdubs. The live nature of this demo enhances the malicious effect of Voor’s attack by accentuating the band’s steadfast reliance on primitive and sinister aggression as their morbid trademark. The following year, Voor entered a local studio to record their second demo. Simply (and accurately) titled “Evil Metal,” this tape featured re-recorded versions of three of the tracks on the first demo as well as one new song. The guitars on these recordings cut like shrapnel across the churning mechanized death sounds of the rhythm section resulting in a recording of unmatched devastation and cruelty. The vocals, caustic and raw, tear across the rotten fabric of the songs with an added bestial harshness that lends the tracks a proto-Black Metal character. In truth, these recordings should be widely praised as among the earliest and most powerful of the first wave of Death Metal. Indeed, so potent are the songs on these demos that Voor’s relative obscurity through the years appears now as an incomprehensible injustice. Accordingly, the purpose of this release is to provide Voor a formal vinyl and CD reissue so that their work can be properly appreciated. The regular version of this LP compiles the two Voor demos, both remastered for vinyl by James Plotkin. The “Evil Metal” tracks were mastered directly from the original master tapes, while the source for the 1985 demo was a well-kept master cassette provided by the band. The Die Hard edition includes a second LP containing additional Voor outtake tracks as well as the Roswell demo recorded in 1992. (Roswell was a post-Voor project featuring guitarist Sylvian Gilbert and bassist Steve Lessard. More eccentric and punk-influenced, the Roswell recording provides a suitable epilogue to the history of this early period of Voor).

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Blasphemophagher “Return to Nuclear Hell” LP

Blasphemo return LP cover
Blasphemo return dh LP

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“Return to Nuclear Hell” is a new collection of hymns to the radioactive apocalypse by Italy’s most heinous nuclear horde, Blasphemophagher. With the exception of one new track, the tracks on this LP were recorded between 2004 and 2008 and were previously only available on CD format. This LP contains all of the Blasphemophagher tracks featured on the “Cult of Nuclear Hell” split CD with Bestial Raids as well as the three tracks featured on the three way “Tyrannous Mutations of Sathanas” split. With the release of this LP, the entire Blasphemophagher catalog is now available on vinyl. In addition to these previously released tracks, this LP also contains one new hymn of destruction entitled, “Lord of Death Continuum.” Raw Death Black sounds, fleshripping guitar riffs, pounding radioactive drums, bestial bass detonations and mayhemic vomits are the trademarks of Blasphemophagher and this compilation finds the band performing in the best nuclear tradition.

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Vanhelgd “Praise the Serpent” 12″ EP

Vahelgd praise MLP

The “Praise the Serpent” EP consists of two old Ceremonial Execution songs that have been disinterred, molested and dismembered by Vanhelgd. The songs were originally intended for the “Church of Death” album but were taken out due to lack of space on the record. The first song “Praise the Serpent” includes Robert Kardell from Ceremonial Execution on vocals and winds its way slowly into the dark stinking swamps of the human mind. The second song, “the Triumph of Death” is an examination of the intersection point between life and death, the absence hope and an excavation of the mass graves of the battlefield.

Limited to 250 copies; all on black vinyl with woven patch. I am sold out of my copioes. Iron Bonehead has the last remaining copies in his distro. Contact them at: info@ironbonehead.de

Root “The Revelation” Double LP

Root DLP
Root colored
Root revelation dh

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Root’s “The Revelation” is unquestionably one of the most mysterious releases in this enigmatic band’s catalog. Although it was originally never intended to be officially released, it was eventually unearthed and released on CD. That CD, however, does no justice to the music it contains and was not even acknowledged as an official release by some band members. The details surrounding the recording of “The Revelation” are nearly as obscure as the music itself. Root’s debut album, “Zjeveni,” was released in 1990 and was recorded entirely in Czech. When Root began recording their second album they chose to present the lyrics in English in order to spread their message of darkness even further. At the same time, the idea was presented to also re-record the “Zjeveni” album with English vocals. Because it was never intended for actual release, this version appears only in a raw, unmixed form. In many ways, this primitive sound is more akin to Root’s sound on their demos than to that of their early albums. Another curious element of “The Revelation” is the inclusion of additional intros recorded and added to the album that are not present on “Zjeveni.” Virtually nothing else is known about how this particular recording was made or discovered. It does, however, deserve a formal place alongside the many other classic Root releases and this proper issue of “The Revelation” should ensure that it achieves its rightful status.

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Dead Congregation “Graves of the Archangels” LP Repress


Repress of the modern classic death metal album. First 100 orders will receive the limited clear vinyl version.

Culled from the darkest corridors of abyssic ruins comes the first full length release by Greek death metal demons, Dead Congregation. Not only does this album live up to the high expectations that were set for this band following the release of their excellent 2005 mini album, Purifying Consecrated Ground, this album sets a new standard for metal in general. Originally having released a handful of recordings under the name, Nuclear Winter, Dead Congregation have since evolved into one of the most innovative and powerful bands in the underground. Refusing to be confined to a narrow conception of death metal, Dead Congregation delve into obscure recesses to conjure up a sound that is unique and yet still adheres to the fundamental pillars of death metal songwriting. While Dead Congregation draw most heavily on brooding and evil North American and Finnish style death metal such as Immolation, Demigod, and Incantation, they also incorporate other extraneous influences to produce a sound that cannot be directly attributed to any of their predecessors. Listen, for instance, to the monumental last track in which they deftly and subtly employ elements of 1990’s Swedish black metal to accentuate the climax of the album. With this album, Dead Congregation have taken chances by experimenting somewhat with the death metal format. However, this album is not an “experimental” metal album. Dead Congregation do not besmirch the history of death metal with any sort of pretentious artistic vision. Instead they find themselves merely tweaking the formula just enough to produce novel results. Ultimately, Graves of the Archangels is nearly unrivaled by any death metal album released in the past decade and few bands in the history of metal have ever produced such a profound combination of technical agility and emotional depth. Listening to this album it is clear that its creation provided a cathartic channel for the release of an obscure malevolence and darkness that possesses the members of Dead Congregation.

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Embrace of Thorns “Atonement Ritual” CD Repress


Taken from their site: EMBRACE OF THORNS were formed in 1999 under the monicker of REQUIEM,and switched only few months later to the current band name. Despite the line-up changes the founding member devilpig continues towards damnation with the precious contribution of herald of demonic pestilence and with the help of session drummers. Inspired by the real forces of demonic,morbid and obscure black/death metal EMBRACE OF THORNS create their own soundscapes of chaos and destruction. Bestial, desecrating, menacing and malicious. There is no room left for weak,soft melodies in our cosmos… ONLY fatal, asphyxiating blackness… SCORN & PRIDE DEVOTION, BLASPHEMY, INTOLERANCE

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