Grave Upheaval “Demo” LP/DLP Coming Soon

Grave Upheaval “Demo” LP/DLP

Tracks 1-4: Demo 2010
Track 5: Unreleased demo track (2010)
Track 6: From split with Encoffination
Tracks 7-8: From split with Manticore
Track 9: Unreleased demo version

LP2 (Die Hard Version Only):
Tracks 1-5: Rehearsal 1 22-23.02.09
Track 5: Rehearsal 27.06.09
Tracks 6-9: Rehearsal 3 13-14 March 2009
Track 10: Unreleased demo track

Regular Version: Single LP, gatefold jacket, and A5 booklet.
Die Hard Version: Double LP, gatefold jacket, A5 booklet, wooden slipcase, sticker, and flag poster.

To be released at Never Surrender Fest Vol. II on October 19th