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Inquisition “Anxious Death/Forever Under” DLP Repress
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At the time he began Inquisition, Dagon, the band’s founding member, was living in Colombia. He formed the band with other Colombian musicians and began to record and play shows there. The band’s first two releases, the 1990 “Anxious Death” MLP and the 1993 “Forever Under” demo were both recorded and released while the band was still located in Colombia and quickly became scarce as the band’s reputation grew. Upon moving back to the United States, Dagon recruited drummer Incubus and embarked on a very different sound that would help define U.S. Black Metal. The sound Inquisition is known for today differs markedly, however, from the one that characterized the band’s early recordings. Indeed, there is almost no resemblance between the recorded output of the band during these two phases of its history. When Inquisition began, the band solely played a primitive style of technical thrash with hints of death metal. Dagon’s vocals, although they have an evil, proto-Black Metal quality, sound nothing like the grim croaking emanations that appear on later Inquisition work. The music on these releases is spastic and unbridled, characteristics that are reinforced by the raw nature of the production. And, although distinct from the sound for which Inquisition would later become famous, these recordings stand on their own in terms of both the quality of the music as well as their historical significance.

Band bio written by Dagon.

Everything has a beginning, and, with this release you are able to witness mine…

While living in Colombia at a young age I was introduced to this art form and ideology most of us regard to as Metal. Once inspired by what some great bands were doing at the time and witnessing what our local scene was producing as well such as Reencarnacion and Parabellum I felt it was almost an obligation to initiate a band of my own and create a form of music few were doing at that time, not to mention only a handful of bands existed then.

To find the path that leads to the cult of Inquisition I must guide you to what few know.
In 19.88 I created Guillotine. No demos were ever recorded, no official releases surfaced yet there is a rehearsal that might surface into the underground one day and a videotaped show from 19.88 in which Guillotine was debuting live and opening for Nemesis and Reencarnacion. This is the time when truly, Inquisition is born.

Guillotine was the start for Inquisition because the only changes made were a name change which in 19.89 took place. I felt it necessary to give the cult a new name because I began hearing of more bands with the Guillotine name. I gave this some thought and finally found something that represented a dark time in history and was also an institution responsible for the extermination of many innocent people and jews long before our time and the irony of the entire thing is the fact it was done in name of God.

There are two releases here. The debut MLP was recorded in September of 19.90. The songs on it were written the year prior, 19.89, but due to a lack of money we could not go to the studio when we wanted to; the good thing however was we were able to improve our performance of these songs the entire time we were gathering funds to record until the year later.

The other songs are from the 19.93 demo “Forever Under”. Here you can witness a raw and even dark form of Thrash metal from an era that was beginning to see the “end” of the 80’s Thrash metal legacy due to the more powerful Death Metal rise and small but growing Black Metal circle up north.

The songs on the “Forever Under” demo were written between 19.90 and 19.92. A few of them were not included in the first recording due to the lack of money for sufficient studio time so we were basically forced to debut with a MLP and leave all the other songs out for a second demo; therefore some songs on “Forever Under” should have been recorded in the 19.90 session.

The MLP of 19.90 had a pressing order of 500 but because of imperfections at the pressing plant only a few over 400 came out.
The “Forever Under” demo has no number and I must mention that this demo was really never pressed. I had some covers made, 500 of them, and then I would go to a friends house who had 4 tape decks and would dub this demo onto blank tapes never keeping track of how many were sold.
Eventually a small label in Colombia made about 200 of these around the year 2.002, actual factory made cassettes but still hard to find.

These words from me to you are for giving you some insight as to what the early Inquisition days were about. To me they represent a learning era and one of growing not only musically but also evolving ideologically into what it is now.
If you listen close enough you can actually hear the roots of what has influenced the present style of the ancient cult.

This was the beginning of the path upon I walk… welcome to the Cult.

Hail Satan,

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