Perdition Hearse “Mala Fide” LP Coming Soon


Perdition Hearse “Mala Fide” LP

Those of you who have followed the old Norwegian black metal scene will undoubtedly know this obscure band that released only a handful of demos before Occultus, their vocalist, joined Mayhem. The most famous of these demos was “Mala Fide,” which was initially released by the band as home dubs, and later reissued by Wild Rags in higher qty as pro tapes. This demo was heavily circulated at the time, and even saw a Polish bootleg release. While “Mala Fide,” their second demo, was relatively easy to find, their first and third demos were nearly impossible to find due to their very small print runs. In fact, “The Stealthy Beyond Death” was made years later for Neseblod to sell through their shop and was never publically circulated in the 90′s. For the first time ever, NWN is very proud to present a comprehensive discography of Perdition Hearse on vinyl format (other formats may follow later). All audio were sourced from the best available copies from the band, and mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin. We cleaned up where we could without altering the sounds, and left in the tape defects from the originals. The packaging will includes the original ink on paper scan of the Mala Fide cover, and many other unseen photos and rare images from the early days.

Format: LP + Jacket + Tri fold 12″ x 36″ insert

Side A:

Mala Fide Demo

1. Mala Fide (Introduction)
2. My Ancient Gods Behind Them All
3. Fanitullen
4. Cerberos Leads Us Through

The Stealthy Beyond Death Demo

5. The Stealthy Beyond Death

Side B:

Demo 1

1. We All Die!
2. Blood Feast
3. Persecuting Precursors
4. Gloomy, Rotten Skeleton


Jan-Feb 2020