Never Surrender Fest Vol. III – More Bands Announced

November 5-7, 2020
Columbia Theater
Berlin, Germany

Fresh on the bootheels of its successful second campaign in October 2019, the preparations for the next Never Surrender Festival are already well underway, and dates have been set for November 5th, 6th, and 7th, 2020 for the event’s return to Berlin, Germany. Nuclear War Now! and Iron Bonehead are once again conspiring to bring a lineup that represents the very best of each label’s roster. Twenty-seven bands are expected for the three-day festival, with a number of first-timers, as well as what promises to be a handful of welcome surprises. Beginning in December, the first wave of bands will be announced as they are confirmed, and tickets will be made available. With less than a year to go, now is the time to begin your plans to attend the year’s most important metal pilgrimage!

The following bands are now confirmed for NSF III:

MASACRE (Colombia)

The Medellin death metal legends will finally play in Berlin for the first time since their formation in 1989. They will perform an old school set of material from the two MLPs and first album.


After many live rituals across Asia and Brazil, Sex Messiah is now ready to desecrate Berlin for the first time. Expect only uncompromising harsh black metal!


Necromancers hit the Berlin again, with full force! Expect nothing more than relentless offering to Evil Spirits! This will be one of the few ocasions to witness Doombringer live in 2020!


One of the darkest hidden gems of Chilean/German Evil deathrash! Attacks Berlin under the banner of NWN. Prods & Life Eternal Prods” Expect their long awaited debut album, “Deathlike Essence of Time,” to be released in summer of 2020.


Sri Lanka’s singular black/death desecrators step foot upon European soil for mass destruction! Few command such awed respect as GENOCIDE SHRINES: utterly devastating in the flesh, this special performance is NOT one to miss.


Fresh from their debut mini-album for IRON BONEHEAD, these German black metal medievalists shall honor their homeland by bringing their ancient sound to the stage, swords aloft. Debut album for IBP due this year!


Greek black/death institution brings its militant, finessed bestiality to Deutschland. No strangers to the stage, with a new 7” for IRON BONEHEAD due this year, expect a strident possession like no other!

HAGZISSA (Austria)

Bewitching Austrian upstarts step across the border and bring their wild ‘n’ wanderlusting black metal to the NSF stage for the first time. Although a formidable live entity elsewhere, IRON BONEHEAD is proud to bring HAGZISSA’s iconoclastic obscurity to new audiences.


Ross Bay bestial black metal veterans finally sets foot in Germany to perform their first live ritual ever! This will be a historic event just as the Conqueror performance was in 2016. DO NOT MISS!


Swedish Apocalyptic Doom masters showcase how dismal music should be done. Expect a new album out in 2020 via NWN.

BLOOD (Germany)

The godfathers of German blasphemous grindcore will desecreate Never Surrender Fest III! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to see them desecreate their home town.


Just as ceremonial scripture burns upon the altar. Smoke ascends towards Berlin as the vision serpent takes form. NEVER SURRENDER Vol. lll will fall to absolute Maya rule!
Black Twilight Circle shamans VOLAHN return to Deutschland with rabid dominance! Performing their upcoming new full-length album in its entirety, VOLAHN demonstrate their position as one of the most revered live black metal bands of today.
New album to be released by Crepúsculo Negro, IBP, NWN.


Portland bestial metal standard-bearers set foot on European soil for the first time ever! Expect lycanthropic savagery and blood rites gone awry. New album expected for IRON BONEHEAD in 2020, too.

ROPE SECT (Germany)

As a symbol of NSF shattering boundaries much as both IBP and NWN! do but often don’t get credit for, these German deathrock isolationists take the stage amidst unrelenting violence all around them. Debut album for IRON BONEHEAD expected in 2020.


Reanimated Mexican death metal legends set to arrive in Europe for the first time ever! This performance will be an exclusive old-school set comprised of 1990’s classic Blackened Images. Mandatory madness!


Following the forthcoming release of their first album “Monte Verità” on NWN, CÉNOTAPHE will deliver their first live display of French black metal excellence, in all its glorious violence, on the exclusive occasion of the Never Surrender Festival.