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Slayer XX “Blood Fire Death” Hardbound Book + Morbid 12″ EP

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Description by Metalion Slayer Mag.

SLAYER XX is 100 pages of in-depth interviews, reviews, and sadistkly exekuted artwork and personal photos. Unlike previous issues, SLAYER XX is presented as a hardbound book and features cover art by Erik Danielsson (who also did the back cover of the book, the layout for the Morbid 12”, and contributed several written pieces to SLAYER XX). The magazine itself contains Interviews and articles with: WATAIN, MORBID, WHIPLASH (Tony Scaglione), BATHORY (several interviews and reviews in a somewhat big tribute feature), 666 (no), SADUS, KREATOR, SAVAGE THRUST, MEDIEVAL, INVIDIOUS, DEATHRASH, OBSCURITY, NOCTURNAL GRAVES, SADISTIK EXEKUTION, SUNNO)), GROTESQUE, MASTER’S HAMMER, DESTROYER 666, PAGAN ALTAR, STRID, JARBOE, FUNERAL MIST, NIFELHEIM, as well as other more or less familiar features. This issue also contains an A2 poster of Jon Nødtveidt with the actual cover for SLAYER XX on the reverse side. Finally, this issue also comes with a mini LP by Swedish legends MORBID. The mini LP is called “Ancient Morbidity.”

What follows is a statement from the band concerning the tracks on this “12 (From the interview in SLAYER XX BLOOD FIRE DEATH):
Tell us why those tracks was chosen for the “Ancient Morbidity” release? Is it important to know the exact origin of the tracks for instance?
- We wanted to offer something special to SLAYER MAGAZINE of course, so we dug deep into closets to get stuff that has never been released before – and pulled out some raw early stuff. “Tragic Dream” was a weird lullaby-esque track that Dead liked a lot, I think it was one of those things that Gehenna came up with when he was drunk and Dead then bugged him remember the riffs when he was sober. “Tragic Dream” was later on used as an intro to “Disgusting Semla”, but originally it was used as a beginning to “From the Dark”. The track “From the Dark” went through many many different arrangements, and all four guitarists contributed to it various ways. It proved very difficult to arrange, and one member even claim it should have been divided into three songs! This is an early recording, and as such it differs quite a lot from later versions. This version of “Wings of Funeral” predates the contributions later made by Napoleon Pukes, such as the guitar intro to the track that was added on “December Moon”. The live track “Necrodead” is taken from the very first gig (Ultrahuset April 26 1987), it is an encore version that never has been released and that will never be released anywhere else but through this SLAYER MAGAZINE release… The “12 is finished off with some true words spoken by the one and only Dead. It is taken from a SCAPEGOAT recording done by Dead and Gehenna – presumably in the bed room or something, (SCAPEGOAT later turned into MORBID) and is most likely recorded in ‘85.
The front cover is a slightly altered version of Dead’s suggestion for the cover of the reunion “7 that was planned to be recorded upon his return in ‘91. The back of the cover is Dead’s poster for the cancelled reunion gig, that Dead and I tried to pull together in ‘89. Both back and front have been skillfully retouched by Erik Danielsson. The insert has the original art work by Dead.

A side: 1. Tragic Dream/From the Dark
B side: 2. Wings of Funeral 3. Necrodead

I’m of course extremely proud that MORBID had chosen SLAYER MAGAZINE to present this 12” so I feel that I have come full circle with this.
It has been a rough road putting all this pieces together, I took a break from all the activities concerning the magazine and I thought it would be all over……… I did decide that SLAYER 19 didn’t completely live up to be the last issue, so I wanted it to end in a proper way……..Don‘t know if it is better but at least I feel better about it………
Comparing it to other issues I never cared about, I just make what I make at my best way possible. Sometimes it is good and sometimes it is shit, but you can never know that when you are creating it………. Still, if you thought SLAYER was shit in the past this will not change your mind, it is SLAYER with all the errors, shitty journalism etc. Even if if it has been over six years since the last issue I don’t think anything could change that……….And don’t expect any new issues anytime soon – I feel like its all over……..truly an ending in flames. Finishing some of the pieces have taken an outstanding amount of time and to get into that process again is very unlikely.
A few other things, I will NOT sell or distribute any copies of this, nor will I have any spare copies for whatever reason. The copies I will have will go to the bands featured. All business will go through NUCLEAR WAR NOW……… I can’t do that because of the massive postage costs, and I could not have created this without the help of NUCLEAR WAR NOW….
Please contact me for personal reasons mainly
messages on MYSPACE for instance is hardly read and even more hardly replied to, but contact me here if you think I ripped you of 1996 or something instead of gossiping on public message boards. Xommunication seems to be fairly OK on the facebook.
There are 2000 copies made of the whole package so plenty to go around, there are no limited releases or die hard versions. This is it……..
Also, please don’t contact me regarding previous issues, as they are all sold out ages ago.
All sales goes through NUCLEAR WAR NOW so check out their site for further information and for distribution in your area.


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