Moenen of Xezbeth / Obrok split 7″ In Stock Now

Moenen of Xezbeth / Obrok split 7″

The Belgian masters of traditional black doom allies with Obrok from Bulgaria to propose you 2 tracks of primitive black doom in its purest form! After 1 demo, 1 album and 1 7″, Moenen of Xezbeth does not need any introduction anymore. On the opposite, Obrok has remained more under the radar so to speak with 3 very limited obscure rehearsal tapes. Those 3 tapes proposed incredible primitive black doom metal forged in the mist of Bulgaria. With the track they recorded for that 7″, they’ve pushed things a little further and one cannot help but think their track is a lost Rotting Christ track from the Passage of Arcturo era!

Released by Medieval Prophecy Records and exclusively distributed in the USA by NWN.

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