Divine Eve “Upon the Ashes Scorn the World” LP in stock

Divine Eve “Upon the Ashes Scorn the World” LP
Released by Iron Tyrant Italy
Officially distributed in North America by NWN


From Voices From the Darkside webzine:

Although death metal may once again be fashionable, contemporary acts (with the exception of only a few) often seem more intent on merely creating (often simply imitating) a sound rather than crafting a well-conceived song with dynamic parts while also constructing their own sound. In the early 1990’s, however, Divine Eve demonstrated that both of these components are crucial and their work displays their tremendous proficiency on both fronts. Because of how sorely overlooked this band is, there are likely many people who know little more about Texas’ Divine Eve than the band name. After hearing the brilliance of these recordings, however, one realizes that ignorance of their work is unforgivable. For those who find themselves in this category, Iron Tyrant’s recent vinyl reissue of “Upon These Ashes Scorn the World” offers an opportunity to delve deeply into this band’s catalog. Even for those who have been praising their work for years, this reissue is nonetheless a necessary addition to their collections as it marks the first time the material featured on this compilation has been committed to vinyl. “Upon These Ashes Scorn the World” was originally released on CD by Proscriptor’s Tarot Productions label. Like that CD, this LP compiles everything the first incarnation of this obscure band did during its short existence. (The band was dissolved in 1995, but reformed in 2008 and has since recorded a handful of tracks for two EP releases). The first four tracks all come from the band’s 1992 “The Last of the Sunset Faded” demo that was later re-released in 1993 by Nuclear Blast as a mCD with the title “As the Angels Weep.” Following these tracks is a Celtic Frost cover (“Visions of Mortality”) which is among the finest and most reverent Celtic Frost covers that any band has accomplished, and it demonstrates Divine Eve’s passionate devotion to the masters. The remainder of the LP collects a track Divine Eve recorded for inclusion on the Death is Just the Beginning compilation as well as the “Promo ’94” demo that was released prior to the band’s initial demise. It seems clear that Divine Eve’s most overt influence is Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, but to dismiss this band as a mere clone would be a severe error. Like Celtic Frost, Divine Eve specialize in driving, primitive, and dark Death Detal punctuated by passages of ominous doom, but Divine Eve fold into this formula the more extreme developments in underground metal that took place in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Although they frequently depend upon the mid-paced gallop so intrinsic to the Celtic Frost sound, Divine Eve also incorporate into their work furious blasts of extreme and chaotic violence more akin to late 1980’s Grindcore. This sound reflects the band’s adherence to the classic approach while simultaneously raising it to new levels of intensity. In this way, Divine Eve represent a sort of “missing link” in the evolutionary trajectory of Death Metal. Divine Eve vacillate with ease between the disparate parts of their songs. They demonstrate that, for skilled songwriters, sometimes the best transition between these parts is no transition at all. Divine Eve are masters at instantly changing the tempo and structure of the songs in a way that is jarring and engaging at the same time. A prime example of this methodology is presented in the track “As the Angels Weep” where the band begins slow, catatonic riff and steadily raise the intensity of the song by jolting the listener into progressively more energetic parts until the song is a frenetic display of carnage. In addition to the songwriting, what unifies these songs is the sound of the instruments. The coarse guitars and brittle distorted bass are fused to create essentially one dense layer of sound while the drums provide the raging pulse of the tracks. This LP edition features all of the same songs that were included on the original CD version and comes presented in an excellent gatefold jacket with new artwork and layout. This vinyl reissue underscores the importance of these nearly forgotten recordings and unearths them from the catacombs in which they have remained for years.

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