The Satan’s Scourge “Threads of Subconscious Torment” LP Out Now

The Satan’s Scourge “Threads of Subconscious Torment” LP

(Description by C. Conrad)
Nuclear War Now! reprises its support of The Satan’s Scourge, which first manifested itself in its release of the band’s 2011 self-titled compilation LP, by presenting the vinyl reissue of “Threads of Subconscious Torment,” an EP originally released on CD in 2016. In addition to the ten tracks of chaos and savagery from the original EP, Side B of this vinyl edition includes eight bonus tracks. Like the band’s previous recordings, “Threads of Subconscious Torment” is an authentic example of classic South American metal, cast in the die originally forged by the legendary Cogumelo bands of the mid-to-late 1980s.

Side Torment:

Hammer of Chaos Bells (Intro)
Threads of Subconsicous Torment
Betwitx Pestiferious Beast
Uncontrolled Bloody Desires
Vejación maldita
Tortured Down in the Crypts
Hypnotized Descomposition
Saw or Alive
The Crucified (Impaled Nazarene cover)

Side Torment recorded at Necro Studios, Argentina, autumn 2015.

Side Kaos (bonus tracks):

Necrosadistical Feast Of Flesh
Sick Of Humankind
Slow Death Injection
Uncontrolled Bloody Desires
Aeons Of Total Destruction
The Impaler Of Pest
…Of Kaos And Karnage
Blasphemous Attack

Side Kaos tracks 1-4 recorded in 2008.
Side Kaos tracks 5-8 are taken from the 7″ EP “…Of Kaos And Karnage” 2005.

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