Vulpecula “Fons Immortalis” LP Coming Soon

Vulpecula “Fons Immortalis” LP

NWN! is honored to announce the long-awaited reissue of Chuck Keller’s seminal Vulpecula recordings. Occupying the interstitial space between Order From Chaos and Ares Kingdom, Keller formed Vulpecula with Chris Overton (Nepenthe, Legia) to explore the unique astral black metal style he foreshadowed with his compositions on “An Ending in Fire.” Drawing influence from Bathory, early Katatonia, and Mortem (Nor), Keller summoned a sound and aesthetic that captured the cold, desolate emptiness of the universe. This reissue will feature the band’s classic “Fons Immortalis” MLP and the “Phoenix of the Creation” demo, as well as one previously unreleased track.

ETA: Winter 2020