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Martire “Martire” MLP

Few recordings ever committed to tape can rival the pure bestiality and violence of Martire’s 1991 self titled EP. Hailing from the fiery depths of Australia, Martire deliver bestial death metal of the most extreme and sadistic form. Martire’s songs on this EP are driven by evil thrash riffs played with demonic intensity and murderous accuracy, tormenting and depraved vocals, and a relentless drum performance that lays to ruin everything in its path. Furthermore, the pure analog recording of this EP is among the highest quality ever produced within this subgenre of metal. Every instrument is clearly audible and perfectly mixed. In short, there is nothing meek about this record; every riff, vocal snarl, and drum onslaught manifests strength and superiority in the true Australian tradition. Regular version on heavy 180 gram vinyl in a gatefold jacket and includes a poster. Die Hard version on picture disc in a gatefold jacket and includes poster, patch, and sticker.

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