Snakepit #19 + Griffin 7″ Out Now

Snakepit #19 + Griffin 7″


(Description written by Laurent R. of Snakepit Mag)
2011… I’m proud to deliver for you guys the 19th installment of Snakepit Magazine! This time we’ve given the Snakepit treatment to bands like ACID (you will NEVER see a feature like this one again!), ANTHRAX, BARON STEELE, BLACKKOUT (the monster Florida Power Metal band!), CRYPT, DEATH (the most in depth interview ever with Rick DeLillo -expect part # 2 in issue 20!), EXCALIBUR, EXISTANCE, GRIFFIN (featuring no less than Billy McKay revealing EVERYTHING about that once S.F. monster act who’s more than ready to meet the European crowds!), LA MORT, BULLET RECORDS for the label special section, MANTAS, MARAUDER, MESSIAXX, M INC, OBSESSION, POWERVICE (The famous Dutch band who had so much to offer but whose access to fame was cut too short!), RAVEN, SENTINEL, SEXIST, SLAUGHTER, TENEBRES (one of the most obscure yet totally kick ass band from France!), THRUST (Another dream becoming true with Mr John Bonata telling the whole story like never before!), VOOR, WATCHTOWER and WITCH CROSS (which makes the first feature in issue #5 looking like dog shit!). You wanted REAL METAL, you got it again! As usual there’s a bonus 7” included with the mag (webzines take notice!), this time S.F.’s GRIFFIN offer two exclusive live songs for Snakepit.

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