Blasfemia “Guerra Total” LP Coming Soon

Blasfemia “Guerra Total” LP

NWN is extremely honored to be working with an Ultra Metal Legend, Blasfemia, on their 80′s discography release. This LP will contain their entire 80′S recording history along with archival images, lyrics, and a comprehensive biography written by Ramon himself. The layout will be kept authentic to the original “Hecho en Medellin” release from 1988. All audio will be mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin (Regurgitation, Old Lady Drivers, Khanate).

Tracks 1-4: “Guerra Total” EP (1988)
Tracks 5-8: “Demo 1988″
Track 9: Rodrigo D Version
Track 10: from Hellzine comp
Tracks 11-15: Live 1988
Track 16: Live in Marinilla 1987

ETA: Jan-Feb 2021