Blasphemy “Blood Upon the Altar/Gods of War” Double LP in Stock

Blasphemy “Blood Upon the Altar/Gods of War” Double LP
Osmose Productions France (Distribution in the US by NWN!)
OPLP 008

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Osmose Productions has summoned forth the definitive vinyl version of the classic Blood Upon the Altar demo and the second album, Gods of War. This release differs from previous versions by separating the two recordings into different LPs making it true to the originally intended tracking order and side breaks. Both mastered at 45 RPM for the best fidelity and maximum volume possible. Furthermore, the Blood Upon the Altar demo has been re-mastered and the unintentional gaps between the tracks that have until now been associated with every vinyl and cd release of the recording have been removed thus making it consistent with the original tape release. This gives the demo recording a cohesiveness and continuity that accentuates the violent intensity of the songs. About the music itself, little needs to be said. Released in 1989, Blood Upon the Altar is considered by many to be Blasphemy’s best recording. It is bestial and relentless bestial black metal at its finest and the defining blueprint of the genre. Gods of War, the band’s second and final studio LP released four years later, is a violent bestial death assault that secured Blasphemy’s legacy as the most brutal warriors in the black metal underground. The layout contains all original artwork including the black/white version of the Gods of War originally planned for the release in 1993. NWN! is proud to be the official US distributor of this monumental release. Europeans can order both versions from Osmose Productions.

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