Sarcofagus “Envoy of Death” LP Coming Soon

Sarcofagus “Envoy of Death” LP

I am extremely excited to be working with one of the legends of Finnish metal, Sarcofagus! Anyone who has been to the NWN compound will tell you about my insane obsession with this album and the constant replay it gets. Envoy of Death, their second album from 1980, is a perfection fusion of early heavy metal, heavy psyche and hard rock influences. I will probably go back and reissue their other recordings, but I wanted to do their best album first to get the new generation interested in this amazing band. The LP will include a 12 page A4 booklet with lyrics and rare photos, glossy gatefold jacket (with the original cover and layout), and 180 gram heavy vinyl. For fans of clunky Nordic heavy metal like early Mercy and Gotham City.

ETA: September 2021