Death Manifestations Titles – Exclusive Distribution

Death Manifestations releases are now exclusively distributed in the USA by NWN:

Tharmazegethuzan “The Necroglyph Triptych” Digipak CD

Tenebrous dark ambient on the path of the Black Legions heritage. It is crowned with acrid discomfort and hate towards life.

Äkth Gánahëth “Crowned in Shadows” Digipak CD

One of the best albums from last year, raw Black Metal suffused with melodies and tangles with distorted, evocative ambient keys.

Klanen / Saidan “Split MMXXI” Digipak Split CD

Amazing split between two of the most fierce delivering bands of the moment, no excuses to present unrelenting grim Black Metal.

Death Manifestations is an underground label dedicated to obscure soundscapes in the form of black noise/dark ambient, raw black metal and music from Beyond. More releases coming in the future including vinyl editions.

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