Nifelheim albums

Since the release of the Nifelheim CDs I have been receiving countless inquiries as to the status of the vinyl reissues. Unfortunately, I have decided not to proceed with the NWN! LP reissues of these albums. Instead, I am returning the rights to these recordings over to the members of Nifelheim. At the time I signed the contract with Necropolis three years ago to purchase the rights to these albums, I believed I had the support of the band. This deal was not then, nor is it now, about making profits. When I signed the contract, I was not interested in how much money could be made; I simply wanted to do vinyl reissues that were of comparable quality to the great music on these albums. Since then, however, the band has voiced their concern that they were treated unfairly by Necropolis and thus should, themselves, have been entitled to the rights to these recordings long ago. I respect Nifelheim and do not wish to create an adversarial relationship with them. Therefore, I am simply releasing these CDs as a means of recovering my initial investment. Once I have made back the money I spent to purchase the rights to these recordings, I intend to relinquish any legal rights I have to subsequent pressings on CD or vinyl. I appreciate the level of support that has arisen for NWN! to reissue these classic albums. If Nifelheim wishes to have NWN! reissue the LPs we can attempt to negotiate a mutually beneficial deal. If they wish to have another label do it, that is their decision. I simply want to avoid any further conflicts or disputes as to the true legal ownership of these albums. The underground should not be about politics, profits, contracts, or lawyers. It is about honor and integrity and promoting the proliferation of the music, and any disputes that arise should be settled with these principles in mind.