Autopsy “Awakened By Gore” CD Out Now

Autopsy “Awakened By Gore” CD


Nuclear War Now’s 11th year of destruction continues with one of the most anticipated releases ever to carry the gunmen logo. At last Autopsy will receive the NWN! treatment with the release of “Awakened By Gore.” This reissue of Autopsy’s legendary demos will be essential for every worshiper of the Bay Areas kings of scum-drenched Death Metal. These demos capture the vile and despicable nature of the band in its most primitive incarnations. In addition to the demo recordings, this release also contains rare and unreleased rehearsal and live recordings. The booklet of rare photos and gig flyers as well as an exclusive cover art by Andrei Bouzikov and additional artwork by Putrid created especially for this release. Of course any Autopsy fan is by now also well aware that the band has been resurrected and is now in the process of writing and recording new material. Thus, this reissue of their earliest work also honors the nearly 25 years of mayhem and sickness for which Autopsy is responsible and the ongoing continuation of that carnage.

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