Dai “The Advent” and “Demos 1989-1992″ Double LP/CD/MC Coming Soon

Dai “Demos 1989-1992″ Double LP/CD/MC

Before the album finally surfaced on Monitor records and quickly forgotten by the masses, probably due to their origin and rarity of the album, Dai had three demos dating back to 1989. The first two demos were explicitly Black Metal, as stated clearly on the front cover, and that’s exactly what you get here. No, it’s not the Norse black metal sound, and it’s definitely not the grinding chaos of Blasphemy or Mystifier, or the mid paced Hellhammer worship of early Samael either, rather what you get with early Dai is perfect Czech version of black metal which took cues from early black metal like Sodom and Bathory and made it more sophisticated in a way that only Czech bands were able to (note Master’s Hammer, Drakar, Torr, Root, etc.). This is where it started and unfortunately no contemporary band from this country has come close to capturing the same sound and aesthetic of the early masters. Luckily for us eastern-bloc-obscurity-maniacs, there are more stuff to dig up each year and labels like NWN and FOAD are doing the hard work to bring these gems to the surface where they can shine again, hopefully to a bigger audience this time! Bandcamp samples coming soon.

ETA: Winter 2021-2022

Dai “The Advent” Double LP/CD/MC

Ultra Cult Czech black metal, long forgotten by time and buried by dust, now resurrected by NWN with proper packaging and finally on vinyl! We’re talking about Master’s Hammer level song writing and all of the oddities of early Czech metal. Bandcamp samples comes soon.

ETA: Winter 2021-2022

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