Abigail “Sweet Baby Metal Slut” 3rd Press LP Out Now

Abigail “Sweet Baby Metal Slut” LP

-Third pressing of 250 copies all on piss yellow vinyl with 3mm jacket and 12″ insert.

Abigail have returned with their fourth album. Entitled “Sweet Baby Metal Slut,” this album continues in the style Abigail began exploring on “Forever Street Metal Bitch” and further refined on “Ultimate Unholy Death.” Playing a style that sounds like a syphilitic union of Bathory, G.G. Allin, and Destruction, Abigail reach new lows of perversion and degeneracy. Abigail understand that, while some may find Satan through arcane ritual, one may also find Him in the immoral stench of sex. “Sweet Baby Metal Slut” is the ultimate culmination of Abigail’s recent work and represents the perfection of their indulgence in insane and Satanic lust.

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