Bunkur / Mordor Split LP/CD

To be released on NWN in late 2011.

Bunkur / Mordor Split LP/CD


(Statement from Mordor)
When in 2009 Bunkur proposed us to make a cover of a song from an old metal band for a split CD, we chose to pay homage to Venom, which was before Bathory, Celtic Frost/Hellhammer and Voivod one of our first metal influences. If there is debate about the right labeling of the music of Venom and the seriousness of their attitude, there are no doubts that they brought an important step in extreme metal. Back in 1981, the album “Welcome to Hell” was really something new at this time and thus we decided to make a cover of “In League with Satan”, the heaviest song of the album. Primitive but powerful, this song was for us the most appropriate one to be arranged in Mordor’s way. Despite several covers done by other bands, the original song sounded perfect for us. So we decided to make a new arrangement and thus to re-appropriate to ourselves the song, in somehow similar to Laibach‘s way of work.
In the same spirit, this cover will deal not with Satanism but with Northern Germanic Tradition and will be dedicated to the Lord of Valhalla. The original lyrics will also be rewritten and new musical parts will be added, including extracts from the Rúnatáls-þáttr-Óðins of the Hávamál, speaking about the origins of the runes and the sacrifice of the Raven-God to Himself for winning more wisdom and to reveal the runes.
This cover song renamed “In League with Wotan” will last between 15-16 minutes and we will keep us informed on the progress of the recording. It will be released by the label Nuclear War Now.

“I know that I hung,
on a wind-rocked tree,
nine whole nights,
with a spear wounded,
and to Odin offered,
myself to myself;
on that tree,
of which no one knows
from what root it springs.”

Hávamál, Poetic Edda, Brodeur translation