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Released by Medieval Prophecy Records and exclusively distributed in the USA by NWN:

Orkblut “Awakening of the Boreal Juggernauts” 7″
Orkblut ep
Selenite Scrolls “Through Gnarled Woods and Glowing Haze…” Demo
Selenite Scrolls demo
Crypts of Wallachia “The Witches of Hoia Baciu – Demo 2″ Demo
CoW demo 2
Crypts Of Wallachia “Drifting In The Devil’s Maze – Demo 1″ Demo
CoW demo 1

Part of the Ancient Hounds collective, with acts like Selenite Scrolls, Orkblut or Phlegethon’s Majesty, Crypts of Wallachia presents once again a ferocious demo of nostalgic and invigorating old school occult Black Metal, carrying on the flame of the 90′s. Cold and vile fury adorns the stellar riffing here presented, something to appeal fans of Judas Iscariot, Arckanum or Moonblood. The vocals carry a melancholic fury to them, in the great tradition of the genre, while the somber keyboards transport the listener to the tenebrous aura of the Romanian forest referred in the demo title.

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