Invunche In Conspiracy With NWN!

Ancient shamanic black metal spirit INVUNCHE coalesces once again! Proudly announcing Nuclear War Now! as the force that brings its new full-length ATAVISMO to the physical plane. In preparation for this, NWN! will also re-release the ELAL promo tape, originally released on SINISTER SUN.

ATAVISMO finds EL INVUNCHE breaking free from the brutalist nightmare of reality and submerging itself into psychedelic visions of South American history and folklore. Retaining the pummelling rhythms of past releases, ATAVISMO opens portals to bygone eras – casting spells of old psychedelic rock, primordial punk and archaic black metal sorcery.

ELAL tells the origin tale of the legendary Tehuelche hero and serves as a promo for the new INVUNCHE full-length ATAVISMO.

Promo ETA: April 2022
Atavismo ETA: Winter 2022-2023