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Culled from the darkest corridors of abyssic ruins comes the first full length release by Greek death metal demons, Dead Congregation. Not only does this album live up to the high expectations that were set for this band following the release of their excellent 2005 mini album, Purifying Consecrated Ground, this album sets a new standard for metal in general. Originally having released a handful of recordings under the name, Nuclear Winter, Dead Congregation have since evolved into one of the most innovative and powerful bands in the underground. Refusing to be confined to a narrow conception of death metal, Dead Congregation delve into obscure recesses to conjure up a sound that is unique and yet still adheres to the fundamental pillars of death metal songwriting. While Dead Congregation draw most heavily on brooding and evil North American and Finnish style death metal such as Immolation, Demigod, and Incantation, they also incorporate other extraneous influences to produce a sound that cannot be directly attributed to any of their predecessors. Listen, for instance, to the monumental last track in which they deftly and subtly employ elements of 1990’s Swedish black metal to accentuate the climax of the album. With this album, Dead Congregation have taken chances by experimenting somewhat with the death metal format. However, this album is not an “experimental” metal album. Dead Congregation do not besmirch the history of death metal with any sort of pretentious artistic vision. Instead they find themselves merely tweaking the formula just enough to produce novel results. Ultimately, Graves of the Archangels is nearly unrivaled by any death metal album released in the past decade and few bands in the history of metal have ever produced such a profound combination of technical agility and emotional depth. Listening to this album it is clear that its creation provided a cathartic channel for the release of an obscure malevolence and darkness that possesses the members of Dead Congregation. Comes on heavy black vinyl housed in jacket and printed inner sleeve featuring artwork and layout by the legendary Timo Ketola who is well known for his layouts for Kaamos, Verminous, and others. Die hard edition comes on colored vinyl and includes patch and sticker.

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This burst of horrifyingly brutal bestial black death emanating from Chile is the new EP by the mighty Exterminate kult. After releasing a demo in 2000 and an EP on Sombre in 2002, Exterminate spent several years lying in wait for the perfect time to strike again. That time has come at last. “Pact” is a harsh and unrelenting battle assault that leaves a path of destruction in its wake. Recorded and produced with a crushing, blown out and chaotic sound, these songs are pure satanic devastation delivered with a demonic mania seldom found in the glut of bestial black metal releases filling the lists of metal distros these days. Furthermore, accompanying this deathly EP is an elaborately designed booklet conveying Exterminate’s unholy imagery and lyrical manifestations of evil. Comes on black vinyl with printed inner sleeve and deluxe pro-printed booklet. Die hard on colored vinyl with and includes patch and sticker.

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NWN! inherited this release already conceived and completed. Nonetheless, it is a great honor to be able to put these recordings on vinyl. If you are a true fan of metal then you need no description of the mighty Pagan Rites. For over 16 years Pagan Rites have been playing some of the most Satanic traditional black metal ever heard on this side of the river Styx. Playing thrashing black metal in the style of the old masters such as Bathory, Venom and others, Pagan Rites are among the most sinister acts to have ever been exported from Sweden. This particular recording, the first ever made by the band, has never before been released. Furthermore, one of the tracks has never been heard in any form on any subsequent Pagan Rites release. Lest one should believe that this recording would be suitable for nothing more than its historical value, one listen demonstrates that this is actually among Pagan rites’ finest output. Combined with this ancient dark masterpiece is a demonic onslaught by Canada’s Evil Wrath whose incinerating and raw anti-human blitzkrieg serves as an appropriate modern accompaniment to the legendary Pagan Rites. Comes on black vinyl with pro-printed insert. First 100 orders gets colored vinyl.

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