Ixtlahuac “Tekuyotl de la Yaotlachinoli” LP and LS Out Now

Ixtlahuac “Tekuyotl de la Yaotlachinoli” LP

-First press of 200 copies on guacomole green vinyl.
-Comes with 3mm jacket and 12″ insert.

(Description by P. Lautensleger)
After establishing their mission with a series of exceptional demos, IXTLAHUAC has returned with their first official full-length statement TEKUYOTL DE LA YAOTLACHINOLI. Translating to “Señorio de la Guerra Sagrada” or “Sacred Warlord,” TEKUYOTL DE LA YAOTLACHINOLI is a recording steeped in the history of the ancient peoples of post-classical Mesoamerica. A grim treatise on the warlike reality of life under the Tekuyotl, IXTLAHUAC creates here an opus of expressionist aggression, melding ornate guitar movements through a maze of claustrophobic blasts and staccato war drums. Change is a constant, with nine tracks weaving and galloping eloquently through an arcane architecture. Atmospheric instrumentals provide marginalia for this esoteric codex, creating a chilling cinematic ambience fitting for its subject matter. IXTLAHUAC is joined on this recording by drummer Keme (ENGENDERO MALEVELO), adding a primeval pulse to the record’s Nahuatl war poetry. Borne from the blood of memory, TEKUYOTL DE LA YAOTLACHINOLI is an essential avowal for a literate listenership. For fans of Vlad Tepes, Volahn, and Xibalba.

Long sleeve is also back in stock in most sizes.

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