Ignivomous “Eroded Void of Salvation” 7″ Out Now

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Ignivomous “Eroded Void of Salvation” 7″

Back to slaughter the wretched soul of humanity once again is Australia’s finest death metal tyrants, Ignivomous. Those who have already heard the morbid brutality of the Path of Attrition demo know the type of megalithic sound Ignivomous produces. However, even if you are familiar with that demo, nothing can prepare you for this new assault. More densely recorded and intricately crafted than the demo, this EP finds this undeniably brilliant band still wandering the paths traced by the early 1990’s death metal masters, yet reaching a new level of extremity that is incomparable. At its core, this EP exudes death…dark, demonic, and unholy death. Death to those who cower before their weak and decrepit so-called savior on the cross… Death to those cowards who numbly and blindly follow and submit their will to false leaders preying on their foolishness…Death to those pitiful and feeble minds feeding on the worthless bile excreted by the writhing masses of putrid and rotten human bodies crowded in their metropolitan wastelands…Ultimate death to the totality of mankind and all of its vile creations. Comes on black vinyl with fold-over cover and full-size poster adorned with masterful artwork by the legendary Chris Moyen. Die Hard edition comes on colored vinyl with embroidered patch and vinyl sticker.

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