Dead Christ “Calling Forth the Black Heart of Damnation” Double LP In Stock


Released by Zombi Danz Records and distributed by NWN:

Dead Christ “Calling Forth the Black Heart of Damnation” Double LP

-Double heavy black vinyl LPs.
-5mm jacket.
-A4 zine booklet with old interviews and photos.

(Description by Daniel/Down With the Most High)
Comes with A4 36 page booklet. This DLP includes all the Dead Christ recordings, restored straight from the masters for most of the material. You have never heard Dead Christ in such perfect quality and it should allow you to appreciate the darkness of their sound in the best conditions. For the very first time the ’92 unreleased studio EP is made available! Maybe their best recording, it was supposed to be released by a now notorious Greek rip-off (still active and cheating to this day) and bitterly shelved until now. Spawning from the cryptic realms of Bristol at the dawn of the 90ies, Dead Christ was the original British Black Metal cult and ruled on that scene during the very early days of the second wave of Black Metal. While fully integrated into the original Black Metal underground, from a time when originality and individuality prevailed, Dead Christ drew their influences from the British Extreme Grindcore/skinhead scene and the Black Metal tradition of the 80ies. They were among the few bands to develop their sound in the most extreme and brutal direction, not so far from bands like Beherit, Bestial Summoning, Impaled Nazarene, Impurity and of course Blasphemy (with the last two they also shared the Black Metal Skinheads look). As they progressed, they traded part of their grindcore agressivity for a more mid-paced, doomy Black Metal. Obsessed by horror movies and Charles Manson, they managed to record three demos and two EPs before returning to dust around late ’93.

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