Nocturnal Graves “Satan’s Cross” CD Out Now

Nocturnal Graves “Satan’s Cross” CD


After releasing some exceptional demos and a picture 7” since they formed in 2004, Nocturnal Graves at last release their first full length LP. An appropriate and honorable addition to the NWN! roster, Nocturnal Graves play searing and aggressive metal in the true Australian barbarian tradition. These songs are far from generic, however. The trio of marauders known as Nocturnal Graves creates maniacal deathrash untainted by all non-metal influences. All of the members are well known in the Australian scene and their professionalism and devotion to their demonic craft is apparent in every riff they have written for this album. In addition to the attention to detail paid to their songwriting, the band spent many hours in the studio to achieve flawless production. The end result is something similar in style and artistry to Ares Kingdom’s Return to Dust yet retaining some of the inherent bestiality that pervades the Australian scene. Ultimately, this is how deathrash should be played and recorded. All other inferior bands should take lessons from these masters.

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