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DAMAAR “Triumph Through Spears of Sacrilege” MCD


While most bands fantasize about war and glorify violence they have never witnessed, Damaar hail from Lebanon where war perpetually looms. Furthermore, Damaar’s devotion to metal can hardly be questioned. In order to protect themselves from retaliation by the government, they were forced to distribute their demo by mp3 rather than tape or CD. Thus in the face powerful religious zealots, Damaar persisted in pursuing its evil directives. After relocating to Australia, Damaar was able to finally send out a proper (non-mp3) master and collect artwork for the vinyl release of their demo on NWN! This assault is pure aural bestial blasphemy in the style of Black Witchery, Revenge and others. Conceptually, Damaar invoke anti-religious warfare towards all those weak and feeble-minded followers of all false gods. The band is currently inactive following its move to Australia and its future is uncertain. Nonetheless, this crushingly violent demo now preserved on vinyl will ensure that Damaar is ranked prominently among the bestial legions.

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MORBOSIDAD “Morbosidad / Cojete a Dios Por el Culo” CD

morboso metal

Since the early days of NWN!, Morbosidad has been one of the bands most closely allied with the label. Now, in 2008, Morbosidad stands poised to declare unholy war once more with its monstrous third album. In anticipation of their ungodly return, NWN! has reissued the first two chapters of the Morbosidad history on one CD. The self-titled first album, released in 2000 and now long out of print, is finally available once again for those who care to venture into the darkest chambers of Morbosidad’s sadistic world. Combined with this is the excruciatingly bestial second album released in 2004, “Cojete a Dios Por El Culo.” Both of these albums helped lay the foundation for the Bestial Black Death movement that has since grown uncontrollably and is today spreading its putrid sickness throughout every piece of this rotten planet. No one who professes devotion to blasphemous underground bestial metal should be unfamiliar with these releases.

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