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December 2nd and 3rd, 2022
Tijuana Mexico
Black Box Venue

Q1: Do you need a passport to enter Mexico from the US?
A1: Yes, you have to have a passport to enter Mexico. They changed the law some years ago for all Americans.

Q2: Will the venue and vendors take US dollar and Pesos? Cash or Credit?
A2: The venue will take both currencies but cash only. NWN merch table will take both currencies in cash and credit cards.

Q3: Why did Stargazer drop off?
A3: The vaccine mandate in the USA forced them to cancel. They have been replaced by Revenge.

Q4: Does the venue sell food?
A4: No, but there are places to eat just next to the venue and all over on the same street. We recommend eating a huge lunch before coming to the venue and eat a snack (tacos) between sets. It’s a tight schedule but it should be possible.

Q5. Do you have recommendations for where to stay?
A5: Hotel Ticuan , Nook Hotel, Hotel Caesars, Hotel Revolucion, Hotel Paris, Aqua Rio Hotel, Boutique Hotels: Hotel Rio Rita, Hotel Lafayette, Quartz Hotel & Spa, Ibis Tijuana Zona Rio, City Suites Tijuana Rio

Q6: Where can I buy the tickets?
A6: You can get the two day pass here.

Q7: Where is the venue?
A7: Black Box is located at Av. Revolución 1217 Int. 2, Zona Centro, 22000 Tijuana, B.C., México.

Q8: Does the venue allow in and outs?
A8: Yes, it’s a long fest so they will allow it. However, they will not allow you to bring in outside food and drinks.

Q9: Do Europeans require a visa to enter Mexico?
A9: No, they don’t require them for Americans and Europeans but you will need a valid passport. Brazilians are required to have visa now for some odd reason.

Q10: Can I bring my camera and take photos?
A10: Yes, we encourage people to document the fest and take lots of photos of the bands. Just be mindful of attendees and their privacy in case they don’t want to be photographed.

Q11: Is there a coin locker at the venue?
A11: No, but the venue will allow in and outs so you can walk back to the hotel and drop off your stuff between sets.

Q12: Can I buy my tickets at the door?
A12: Yes, you can buy them at the door in cash only. There will not be any ticketing fees at the door.

Q13: Will there be day tickets available?
A13: We will not sell day tickets unless the fest does not sell out by day 2.

Q14: Where can I park my car?
A14: If you’re driving into Mexico then you can park it at your hotel and walk to the venue. If you’re walking into Mexico then you should park at the paid parking lot by the border (about $20 per day).

Q15: Do you recommend driving or walking across the border?
Q15: It’s highly recommended that you walk across the border to save time. Driving across the border on a weekend can take up to 3 hours each time you cross the border. Walking across takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on how busy the border is. Please monitor the San Ysidro border for Pedestrians border crossing wait times here.

Q16: Where should I convert my US dollar to Pesos?
A16: There are places to convert your US$ to Pesos before you cross the border on the US side. Look for them next to the McDonalds near the train station.