NWN Onslaught: March-April

Here is the next batch of stuff to arrive at the NWN compound. Many of these titles are already available from our European distributors like Iron Bonehead, Osmose, High Roller, Floga, Iron Tyrant, etc.

MARCH (Week of 3/20):
-Ceremony “Ceremony of the Goat” LP (Split release with Bestial Burst)
-Poisoned Blood “Sign Of Final Massacre” LP
-Goatlord “Reflections of the Solstice” LP repress
-Cenotaphe “Monte Verita” LP repress

-Kat “666″ Regular LP
-Kat “666″ Die Hard 3LP+7″
-Venusberg Cardinal “Atlas Of Dungeons” LP/CD
-O.T.T. “Demos 1987 & 1989″ LP
-Militia “Regiments of Death / No Submission” LP

We will also receive the latest Amor Fati titles, Lamp of Murmuur LP represses from Black Gangrene, Drowning the Light LPs from Iron Bonehead around the same time as the Kat release.

Stay tuned for further updates.