Nihilist “Carnal Leftovers” LP In Stock Now


Released by Threeman Recordings and distributed by NWN:

Nihilist “Carnal Leftovers” LP

Official reissue of Pre-Entombed band Nihilist’s demos from 1987 to 1989. The originators of Swedish death metal sound!

Premature Autopsy Demo ’88
A1 Nihilist Sentenced To Death 3:11
A2 Nihilist Supposed To Rot 1:54
A3 Nihilist Carnal Leftovers 3:04

Only Shreds Remain Demo ’88
A4 Nihilist Abnormally Deceased 3:05
A5 Nihilist Revel In Flesh 3:41
A6 Nihilist Face Of Evil 3:49

Drowned Demo ’89
A7 Nihilist Severe Burns 5:40
B1 Nihilist When Life Has Ceased 4:11

The Head Not Found Session ’89
B2 Nihilist Morbid Devourment 5:23

The Drowned Sessions ’89
B3 Nihilist Radiation Sickness Written-By – Repulsion 1:58
B4 Nihilist Face Of Evil 3:38

But Life Goes On Demo ’89
B5 Entombed But Life Goes On 2:53
B6 Entombed Shreds Of Flesh 2:08
B7 Entombed The Truth Beyond 3:26

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