Paimon Gate “Butcher to the Devil’s Court” LP Coming Soon


Paimon Gate “Butcher to the Devil’s Court” LP

PAIMON GATE’s debut album – BUTCHER TO THE DEVIL’S COURT expands upon the groundwork laid out in the SEVEN LEGIONS demo released last year from this new American Black Metal cult. For fans of brutal Black Metal from a time long lost, the tapestry of influences that make up this work may be noticed via the likes of DEMONCY, VON, old IMPALED NAZARENE, old MARDUK, old SAMAEL and MORBID ANGEL. From a time when the lines between Death Metal and Black Metal were blurred and the potency of dark Satanic music was the focus – PAIMON GATE’s debut album delivers 30 minutes of scathing Satanic work – Executed with an honest and sincere dedication to the evil art of black metal music.

ETA: Late Summer 2023