NWN/Hospital Fest Complete Lineup Revealed!

April 6th and 7th, 2024
Gorilla Hall Venue
Osaka, Japan
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Saturday April 6th – NWN Day:

1. BEHERIT (FINLAND – Black Metal set)* – Beherit’s diabolical miasma descends upon Japan for the first time.
2. BLASPHEMY* (CANADA) – Canadian black metal tyrant’s first desecration on Japan soil.
3. DEPARTURE CHANDELIER* (CANADA/USA) – The live debut of Napoleonic War Black Metal in anticipation of the forthcoming album “Satan Soldier of Fortune.”
4. SABBAT (JAPAN) – NWN! stalwarts. Venerated black metal masters representing the host nation.
5. DEATH WORSHIP* (CANADA/GERMANY) – The Superion returns. R. Forster’s most recent project is, conceptually and sonically, the direct descendent of the mighty Blasphemy.
6. WITCHCRAFT* (FINLAND) – The next generation sworn to the oath of black blood.
7. BLOODY VENGEANCE* (GERMANY) – Reanimating the Brazilian deathcore spirit with Germanic fervor.
8. ABIGAIL (JAPAN) – Carnal depravity and vile intentions from Japanese veterans of perversion.
9. EVIL (JAPAN) – The most compelling blackened speed metal of the last decade.
10. SEX MESSIAH (JAPAN) – After performing in the U.S., Mexico, and Europe in the past year, Osaka’s own Sex Messiah delivers their blackened deathrash steeped in sadism.

Sunday April 7th – Hospital Day:

1. BEHERIT (FINLAND – Electronic set)* – Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance will perform a solo Beherit set of electronic/noise doom synthesis. Bridging the gap between metal and electronics.
2. GENOClDE ORGAN (GERMANY) – Mannheim’s pure Industrial committee returns to Japan for the first time in over a decade.
3. MASONNA (JAPAN) – The unprecedented return to the stage of Japanese hard noise cult psychedelia.
4. PRURIENT (USA) – Doom electronics. Flagship project by Hospital Productions founder Dominick Fernow.
5. AGONAL LUST* (USA) – Japanese debut of leading contemporary esoteric PTSD pain music.
6. LINEKRAFT (JAPAN) – Minimalist metal percussion and tape industrial decomposition. One of the premier contemporary Japanese artists with prominent releases on Tesco and Hospital.
7. YELLOW GAS FLAMES* (USA) – Churning noise freak-out noise from Mike and Tara Connelly.
8. THIRDORGAN (JAPAN)– Mythic master of alien sound manipulation cacophony.
9. SKIN CRIME* (USA) – American death noise. Long standing project associated with the legendary Self Abuse Records.
10. CULT OF YOUTH (USA) – Pagan Post Punk returns after releasing their first new album in 9 years.
11. OLD TOWER* (NETHERLANDS) – Dark draconic ambient from the Netherlands.
12. LUSSURIA* (USA) – Phantasmal electronics domain from one of Hospital’s veteran artists.

*First performance in Japan


NWN! and Hospital are proud to announce they will be joining forces for a two-day fest of extreme metal and doom electronics to be held April 6th and 7th 2024 in Osaka, Japan.

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