Blasphemophagher “The III Command of the Absolute Chaos” CD Out Now

Blasphemophagher “The III Command of the Absolute Chaos” CD

Blasphemo_the III_ CD

The Bestial Legion from Nuclear Hell returns!!

Command from RR Bastard of Blasphemophagher legion:
“Nine new hymns of devastation are offered to evoke absolute Chaos! The Italian overlords of Nuclear Death Metal unleashes another killer attack in the best Raw Black/Death Metal Tradition. Absolutely not for wimp’s ears! The LP jacket is baptized with double cover paintings made again by the one and unholy Paolo “Madman” Girardi. The Madman’s visual vomits perfectly captures the pure essence of the abomination entitled, “The III Command of the Absolute Chaos.” Marà Cave studios provides yet another perfect production worthy of BLASPHEMOPHAGHER’s destructive aural barrage. A special guest, Pete Helmkamp of the Order of Chaos fame, lends his mayhemic vokills performance on one of the assaults. The III Command of the Absolute Chaos will crush your brain and plunge your soul to the deepest abyss of thermonuclear damnation. You are now warned…join the Nuclear Death Metal Commando or die!”

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Vinyl version will spawn on Nov. 14th.

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