KAT “Noce Szatana / Ostani Tabor” 10″ Out Now

KAT “Noce Szatana / Ostani Tabor” 10″

KAT regular ep

Released in 1985, Kat’s Noce Szatana/Ostatni Tabor 7″ has, for many years, been excruciatingly difficult to find. Due to its obscurity, it has often been overshadowed by their monumental “Metal and Hell” LP released the following year; however, the tracks on the 7″ are every bit as essential as the thrashier album material. Stylistically, the songs on “Noce Szatana” are more straightforward heavy metal though they are not at all lacking in the sinister sound that characterizes the album material. It is clear from listening to these tracks that Kat were moving toward a more extreme style, but here the focus is placed on hooks and melody. The song “Noce Szatana” was, in fact, later re-recorded for Metal and Hell. A comparison of the two versions demonstrates that the nature of Kat’s music that makes them so undeniably brilliant lies not as much in the raw, evil sound that they explored, but rather in the perfection of the songwriting. The heavy metal sensibility of their songs, which is more apparent on the original version of “Noce Szatana” as well as the B-side, “Ostatni Tabor”, is the driving force behind the power of their earliest recordings. In fact, it could be convincingly argued that these two tracks are superior to “Metal and Hell.” Regardless of such a comparison, the “Noce Szatana” EP stands on its on as some of the finest and most perfectly constructed heavy metal from that time period. Some 24 years after their initial release, NWN! has made these tracks available once again in superior form. Mastered to 10” from the original audio source at 45 rpm for a higher volume and fuller sound, this vital release truly does justice to the importance of this formative work by the legendary masters of the Polish underground, Kat.

Die Hard version with patch and sticker will become available in a week or two. I’m still waiting for the stickers to arrive here.

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