Updated Release Schedule

The following releases are at press now:

-Villains/Fingernails “Getting Crazy” Split 7″ (Sleeeez Italians combine forces and swap songs)

-Ex Inferiis “demo” 7″ (New Mexican black metal band’s rare demo on vinyl)

-Funebrarum “Beneath the Columns of Abandoned Gods” LP (Double LP for die hard including their demo and reh)

-Funebrarum “Zombie” T-Shirt (M, L and XL. Coming back the week of August 25th)

-Midnight “farewell to hell” 10″ (Die hard version with one sided pic 7″ and back patch)

-Mystifier “Baphometic Goat Worship” 6 x LP + 48 page booklet (Die hard version with an extra Live Ritual 1989 Picture LP and T-shirt. European distribution by Iron Bonehead and Iron Tyrant)

-Blasphemophagher “Nuclear Empire of Apocalypse” LP/CD (Die hard version with a bonus 7″ with two exclusive studio recordings)

-Blasphemophagher “Nuclear War Now!” T-Shirt (M, L, and XL)

The following releases are being worked on right now:

-Terrorama “Omnipotence” LP (Layout finished. Going to press soon)

-Ignivomous / Tzun Tzu split 7″ (Going to press the week of August 25th)

-Midnight “Farewell to Hell” CD version with bonus tracks (Layout being worked on now)

-Perversor “Cult of Destruction” LP/CD (Recording and mastering is done. Mr. Moyen is busy working on the front cover artwork)

-Disforterror tba 10″/CD (The new hope for Brazilian death metal.)